Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lowcountry Eats: Ryder Cup Bar

While downtown Charleston has amazing views all over the city, and you could spend hours walking along the harbor, surprisingly, there isn't a lot of waterfront dining. When we are looking to eat right on the ocean, we drive a few miles South through James and Johns Islands, onto Kiawah. The winding roads through Kiawah are so beautiful, and at the Eastern end of the island is one of the top ten golf courses in the country: The Ocean Course.
There are two restaurants at Ocean: The Atlantic Room and the Ryder Cup Bar. While The Atlantic Room has elegant dining, we prefer the Ryder Cup Bar. It's more our speed with televisions showing an array of sports, more comfortable and laid-back seating, and it actually has even better 180 degree views of the water. When we can, we prefer to sit outside on the veranda, overlooking the 18th green. It's also only a few steps down the path to the water, so it makes a perfect walk before or after your meal. Because this beach runs along the golf course without many homes around, it's always quiet and almost deserted.
Now for the food and drink. To be honest, you can't go wrong with any of the choices. They always have craft beer on tap, and I love the different signature drinks. In my opinion, the appetizers are as good as the main courses, so we usually split one main course and a couple appetizers. What's great about the Ryder Cup Bar is that, for dinner, you can actually order off either the bar menu or the Atlantic Room dinner menu. One of our favorite dishes at The Ocean Course, is the lobster mac and cheese, and even though it's only on The Atlantic Room menu, we always get it for dinner at Ryder Cup. The Ocean Course chefs are best known for the Crispy Shrimp, and if you ever go there, you need to try it.
The crab dip is fantastic, too, and for meals, I love the shrimp burger and Lowcountry grilled cheese: fried green tomatoes, bacon, and pimento cheese in between two pieces of jalapeƱo cornbread.
Next time you're in the Lowcountry, a stop at Kiawah is a definite must. Keep in mind, though, that Kiawah is a private island. While it doesn't cost anything to get on the island, you need to tell the gate attendants that you either have a reservation at The Atlantic Room or that you're to the Ryder Cup Bar to eat.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Feeling Like Home

Happy Tuesday!  I hope many of you enjoyed a long weekend thanks for Martin Luther King Jr Day.  Some of my favorite MLK quotes are on my quote board.  Now, even 50 years after his death, his messages are still so important.  While the beginning of the week is usually reserved for a weekend update, this weekend, we were in L.A. for another runDisney weekend, and I can't wait to recap all of that later.  It's been a while since I shared a home decor update, so here's what we've had going on:

We finally took the cardboard place-holders off the wall and replaced them with these awesome 360 degree photos of Charleston by MLB Perspective Photography.  I just love Jason's work and definitely want one of his collage pieces next!  We chose one taken at each time of day: sunrise on Folly Pier, morning on Rainbow Row, evening on the Battery, and sunset at the Ravenel Bridge.
One of my dreams for the first floor of our double porch was a swing.  We found this perfect white one with this matching rocker, but I just wasn't a fan of the metal chain.  Mike did an amazing job transforming it into a rope swing with a bunch of supplies from Lowe's, and I can't wait to do a full DIY of this project soon!  Here and here are our outdoors pillows, in case you're interested!  Target has the best options and colors!
One of our favorite rooms in the house right now is our dining room.  While we joke that this is the one paint color we made a mistake with, we have really grown to love the beachy feel.  We had the whole house painted the weekend after we chose with colors we had only seen on small paint chips, so we're bound to make one mistake out of 10 colors, right?  In the dining room, we have Mike's family's dining room set from almost 100 years ago.  It was in his house growing up and has traveled from aunt to uncle to cousin.  We were really excited to have it given to us when we lived in Connecticut, but it was in pretty rough shape.  The table always had a tablecloth on it with all the rings and scratches, and the white upholstery of the chairs saw its fair share of spaghetti sauce and red wine stains since his mom last reupholstered them 25 years ago.   We refinished the tabletop and deep-cleaned the chairs before Thanksgiving.  Now, we just need to work on the intricate table legs and sideboard!
Take a look under the first "before" photo of the table - that apoxy floor was one of our very first projects.  It makes clean up so much easier for things like car work and the table staining; plus, it looks better!
Okay, so not really a "project," but I love updating our sheets every season.  While I love these minty green ones, the cranberry is so perfect for Christmas!
And lastly, while working on this post and asking Mike what we've done with our house, he reminded me that all of the 45 regular lightbulbs (lamps, ceiling fixtures, fan bases) in our house are now LED!  If you're looking for awesome deals on lightbulbs, head to IKEA.  Nope, this isn't sponsored in any way, but the bulbs are $1.99 for a two-pack and look really nice - just wanted to share a great deal with y'all!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Five Posts I Never Wrote

Anyone else have a whole bunch of "drafts" sitting in their Blogger or Wordpress account that they look at occasionally, but never finish?  Both of my hands are raised for sure.  The worst part for me, is that for many of them, I even have the photos - I just never got around to writing the posts for one reason or another.  I still use 2010 iPhoto on my Mac Book and create folders for all of my photos.  My most pulled from is "future blog" where I drop everything I think I'll use for blog posts.  I also have CHS Restaurants, House Updates, Food Photos, etc.  Right after the new year, I decided to clean out these folders, and I found photos from years ago.  It was pretty funny, actually.  Here's what I never got around to:

Charleston restaurants: While there are tons of amazing, popular restaurants in the city, there are also those spaces constantly rotating.  We love trying new places, and unfortunately, a couple like Leaf and Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen shut down before I got the chance to hit publish.  Sadly, even a couple of places I have written about, Parlor Deluxe and DeSano have closed recently, too.
Girl Crack: When Mike and I took our bridal party to Maine for a bonding trip before our wedding (summer of 2014 - haha), we learned one of Mike's groomsmen's secret talent: he can bake!  He brought up this delicious dessert that we deemed "girl crack."  Imagine rice krispie treats but made with golden grahams and way more delicious.  So good.  We went at that mountain of crack all weekend (in addition to the tons of other food on our "snack table").  I've been meaning to put up the recipe, but I know that if I make it to take more photos, I will eat the whole thing!
Makeup finds:  A couple years ago, I bought these great spring 2015 e.l.f. products at Target.  I still use (what's left), but alas, more photos I took and never posted. Apparently, the line must be popular because you can still buy a similar eye kit here and lots of shadow colors here.
Home updates: Before we left our house in Connecticut, we had plans for a lot of remodeling.  We even signed a contract for new windows literally days before I was offered my job in Charleston.  Same with the apartment: before we decided to build our home, we had ideas to make our apartment feel more like home with little updates.  I took some before pictures...then we moved.
Shrimp scampi: This recipe will probably still get posted, but I thought it was a funny story.  Working with Sutter Home, I totally misread the instructions.  I had applied for campaigns for both a DIY and a recipe, and I thought I was accepted for the recipe campaign.  I made my scampi, photographed it... then looked at my email again... I was supposed to do the DIY.  At least now I have another post I can put together pretty easily!

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