Wednesday, July 19, 2017

DIY Post-it Note Goal Board

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We are just over halfway through the year - time to check in on those New Year's Resolutions.  (Here were mine!)  How are you doing with yours?  Mine are... okay... but regrettably could be better.  It's those long-term goals that always get me.  Whether it's putting them off (since you have a whole year to accomplish them) or just gradually forgetting over time, I'm never super successful with those.  On the other hand, shorter goals or objectives (like my summer bucket list) are always so much more attainable.  There's a shorter amount of time to get everything done, and usually the items on it are less lofty.  This got me thinking, how can we keep our goals in the forefront of our minds throughout the year, whether it's the new year or the start to a new school year?  Well, I think I have the solution.  Did you know you're 42% more likely to accomplish things if you write them down*?  I want goals that I can stick to, and I have a project today to keep those goals stuck in your mind (almost quite literally) each day: DIY Sticky Note Goal Board.
The "back-to-school" time is the perfect opportunity to refocus.  Even though I'm not heading into the classroom this September, I still love shopping for school supplies, and this time of year is the perfect opportunity to update my desk before the busy fall season. 

The bright colors of Post-it® Notes keep my eyes front and center on what I'm trying to achieve, and this goal board has the perfect spot in my home to see it everyday.  The great thing about this board is that you can change it whenever you want to.  I love that feeling of checking something off my to-do list, and removing a sticky note from the board and recycling it because I've accomplished it gives me just that.  This would be fantastic for school-aged children to remember their homework or busy moms to make time for, well, everything!
You can purchase a full range of Post-it® and Scotch™brand products at your local Walmart when you head there to buy your school supplies.
To create your own DIY goal board, you will need:
- 11" x 14" photo frame
- 11" x 14" poster board
- Post-it® Notes 3" x 3" Cube Pink Wave and Orange Wave, 400 Sheets/Cube
- Scotch™ Double Sided Tape
- Decorative paper
- Calligraphy markers
- Scissors

I also purchased 4-packs of 4" x 6" Post-it® Super Sticky Notes when I was at Walmart, because I love this bigger size for list-making.
Directions for making your own sticky note board:
1. Decide the parameters of your goals.  I chose weekly, monthly, and yearly.  Other suggestions could be daily, seasonally, or even creating columns for different members of your family or aspects of your life (home, work, blogging, etc.).
2. Lay out the 3" x 3" Post-it® Notes, 3 across and 2 down to approximate spacing.
3. Write out your headings on white paper: 'Goals For...,' 'This Week,' 'This Month,' and 'This Year' - or whatever you choose.
4. Cut out your headings and and use the double-sided tape to adhere them to decorative paper.
5. Cut out the decorative paper for a border around the headings.
6. Tape the headings above the Post-it® Notes.
7. Outline each Post-it® Note to serve as templates for your future goals, and remove the sample notes from the poster board.
8. Frame your goal board and hang it on the wall.
There you have it!  Now you're ready to stay on track throughout the summer and into the new school year.  As I mentioned, I'm doing much better with my summer bucket list than my 2017 resolutions, so much so that I am already updating my bucket list to create new goals for myself.  I shot under par a couple of weeks ago, but that round still had two bogeys.  Now, I want to shoot a round with a "clean card," meaning that no holes are over par.  
What's so great about this changeable board is that I can update it whenever I want.  To see even more ways to keep up with your goals by clicking here.  How do you keep yourself on track?  What are your goals for the new school year?

*Matthews, G. (2007). The impact of commitment, accountability, and written goals on goal achievement. Paper presented at the 87th Convention of Western Psychological Association, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Visiting Florida's First Coast

This weekend, Mike and I spent an impromptu weekend in North Florida.  This area is quickly becoming one of our favorites; it's just over three hours from Charleston, and there is so much to do.  When our friends told us they were playing in a kickball tournament in Jacksonville, we wuickly booked a hotel room to cheer them on Saturday morning.  Let me just say, it was hot this weekend.  We had a great time watching their games, but afterwards, getting to cool off in the hotel pool was much-needed.  We spent the evening in St. Augustine and the day Sunday at Jax Beach.  I thought it'd be fun to round up some of our favorite things to see and eat if you're ever down on Florida's First Coast.
St. Augustine: This was our first time to downtown St. Augustine.  I've always seen photos of the beautiful churches and Spanish-inspired buildings, so this was on our must-see list.  The Plaza de la Constitucion was our home base.  We first walked south, down some of the residential streets (Cordova, St. George, Aviles) to check out the little shops and homes.  The houses, fences, and even the bricks in the road have such attention to detail that I could have walked around and snapped photos all day.  To the North of the plaza, we walked through the city market on St. George and around the Castillo de San Marcos.  Our last stop as across the Bridge of Lions to lighthouse.  While we didn't golf while we were in St. Augustine this time, it's also home to the World Golf Village and some awesome courses - click here to check out more on those.)
Jax Beach: There are so many miles of beach in this part of Florida, that I feel like it's never overly busy.  There are tons of shops, restaurants, and parking along Jax Beach, and it's never too hard to find a parking spot and beach access point.  The beaches are flat and the waves are just right!
Daytona: Though technically just south of the First Coast, Daytona is another great beach to explore.  It's only 30-45 minutes from St. Augustine, and while you're there, you should definitely catch a race or tour the Speedway. 

Where to eat: We love the food in this area!  There are so many delicious restaurants (but I obviously just take photos of the coffee shops (come on, they're so fun!).  The photos below were taken at our favorite breakfast spots, Bold Bean and Delicomb.  Lunch or dinner, make your first stop Cantina Louie.  My obsession with Charleston's Mexican food is pretty well documented, but this place is better than any I've found in South Carolina.  They have a couple of locations in Jax Beach and St. Augustine.  Culinary Outfitters, Pizza TimeIce Plant in St. Augustine are favorites, as well.
What were you up to this weekend?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

What's In My Golf Bag

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As y'all might know, golf is my life in the summer.  I love spending time outside, and Mike and I make a point of playing at least once each week.  Whenever we play, we always walk.  It's our favorite way to keep an active lifestyle, and you can burn hundreds of calories by golfing and carrying your bag.  However, in South Carolina, it is a little warm in the summertime.  Staying hydrated is a must and important for a healthy lifestyle, and that's where vitaminwater comes in.  Through the hot months, it is definitely one of my golf essentials.  I thought it would be fun to share with you "what's in my golf bag:"
My golf club make-up
- driver
- 3 hybrids (18, 21, and 24 degrees)
- 5 iron-pitching wedge
- gap wedge (50 degrees)
- sand wedge (54 degrees)
- lob wedge (60 degrees)
- putter

The big things:
- golf clubs and head covers
- range/distance finder
- golf balls
- portable speaker
- golf glove
- vitaminwater

I purchase my vitaminwater at Target.  You can even get 15% off a 20 ounce bottle by: 1) Visit your local Target 2) Take Shelf-Selfie (Selfie in front on the vitaminwater shelf) 3) Text your image to 89000 to receive the hidden Cartwheel offer link.  Last time I was there, I bought a couple new golf gloves, so, of course, I had make my Shelf-Selfie golf-inspired.  

The little things:
- golf tees (those teal ones are from our wedding!)
- ball markers
- lip balm
- advil
- sunscreen
- permanent markers
- hair elastics and bobby pins
- medical tape
What's your favorite way to live a healthy lifestyle this summer?  Check out more ways to stay active and hydrated with vitaminwater by clicking here.  

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