Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Guide To Charleston Breweries (Part 1)

Eating and drinking local in Charleston is one of my absolute favorite things.  I've shared a bunch about my favorite distilleries and cocktails throughout the city, but I've never devoted a post to my other favorite alcoholic beverages: beer!  Charleston has a whole lot of local breweries; they all have great settings with outdoor seating and usually some lawn games to play or a food truck (if they don't make their own delicious food).  Today, I'm reviewing 6 of the 12 breweries in the greater Charleston area, and by the end of the summer (since it will be on my bucket list coming next week) I hope to have part 2 with the other 6 to share with you!

Holy City Brewing (Dorchester Road, North Charleston): This was the first brewery I ever tried in Charleston.  I had seen their beer around in every bar and package store, and the photos of the brewery looked really cool.  Well, after you find it (hidden in a very industrial area), the atmosphere is great with seating both inside and out and huge garage doors that are open almost all year to separate the two.  This is more than just a brewery for us, it's a favorite dinner spot, too.
What to try: Pluff Mud Porter and the Fish and Chips (No, that's not a beer. The fish is battered in their Washout Wheat Beer, and the homemade fries are delicious!)
Palmetto Brewing Company (Huger Street, Charleston): I stumbled into Palmetto for the first time after a delicious happy hour down the street at Taco Boy.  This was another beer brand I had seen all over the city, so expectations were high.  My favorite part about Palmetto is the courtyard inside the main gate.  They have a few corn hole boards and it's a cool, shady spot to enjoy a beer during the summer.
What to try: Amber Ale or Espresso Porter
Revelry Brewing Co. (Conroy Street, Charleston): This is one of the smaller taprooms in Charleston, but the beer and brewers more than make up for it!  They brews fantastic (and some very unique) beers, and if the pork belly sliders are on the specials board when you're there - you need to give them a try!  I am also a huge fan of all the art on the walls both inside and out.
Coast Brewing (Second Street, North Charleston): Coast is first and foremost a functioning brewery with no separate taproom space.  That doesn't mean that it isn't hopping on the weekends!  They always bring in food trucks and set up more games than any other brewery.  They only have a few beers, but they are very good.
What to try: 32°/50° Kolsch or Blackbeerd
Westbrook Brewing (Ridge Road, Mount Pleasant): Westbrook has a wide variety of extremely unique beers.  Their tasting room is small, but the big bonus here is that they offer tours Tuesday through Saturday, unlike many other breweries in town.
What to try: Get a flight and try a few of their ever-rotating beers
Low Tide Brewing (Maybank Highway, Johns Island): The newest brewery in Charleston is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites!  Besides their huge taproom and great outdoor seating, what I think is the coolest about their company is their philosophy to partner with local establishments.  They brew specialty beers that they only sell to one restaurant in town, but the great thing about going to the brewery is that you can taste them all in one place.
What to try: Mr. Sandman Saison, Coconut Pete's Nitro Milk Stout, and Sweet Caroline Kolsch
There you have it!  Do you have a favorite local brewery where you live?  Please share - I always love visiting new tap rooms when I travel!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mega Fudge Stripe Milkshake

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There are those things that just remind you of childhood.  For me, it's that Pfaltzgraff blue and white flowered Yorktowne cookie jar that sat in our kitchen.  Growing up, my dad had just as big of a sweet tooth as me, so you know he was always encouraging me to sneak a couple after every dinner.  Most of the time, it was Keebler cookies in those jars.  Now, I've taken one of my favorite Keebler cookies (Fudge Shoppe® Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripes™) and made it into a delicious milkshake that bring me down memory lane!
You can head to your local Kroger or Kroger banner store (I shopped at Harris Teeter) to find these Fudge Shoppe® Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripes™ as well as tons of other Keebler cookies  - just check out all those yellow boxes!
All you need to make two delicious milkshakes (perfect for mason jars) is:
- 12 Fudge Shoppe® Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripes™ cookies
- 5 scoops of your favorite ice cream - I went with a fudge ripple
- 1 cup milk
- 1/4 cup hot fudge (plus some extra for the tops of the mason jars)
- sprinkles
1. Start by crushing your Fudge Shoppe® Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripes™ cookies.  You can use a food processor, or I just put mine in a zip-top bag and used a rolling pin.
2. Cover the top of each mason jar lid in hot fudge and sprinkle with Fudge Shoppe® Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripes™ crumbles and sprinkles.
3. Combine the rest of the crushed Fudge Shoppe® Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripes™, ice cream, milk, and hot fudge in a blender and mix until smooth.
4. Pour the milkshake out of the blender and into your rimmed glass.  Topped with another Fudge Shoppe® Dark Chocolate Fudge Stripes™ cookie, some whipped cream and more sprinkles, and enjoy!
Seriously, how cute (and delicious does this milkshake look?  Yeah, it can get super messy, but let me just tell you - it's worth every bit of clean up!
Head to the Collective Bias website to get even more delicious Keebler inspiration, and enter through the widget below to win a Kroger gift card!  What little thing like a cookie reminds you of your childhood?
Keebler Cookies at Kroger: Summer 2016

For more great ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the #BiteSizedBitsOfJoy Social Hub!

Monday, May 23, 2016

One Month To Go!

Soooo we got the final word that we will be closing on our house in one month.  Holy cow, we are so excited.  So much has changed since I last posted an update about a month ago (check it out here), that I thought it'd be fun to share where we are.
Those four photos were taken April 10, April 13, April 19, and May 7.  No, the yellow isn't the true color of our house, you can see the mint color we chosen in my announcement post here.  We've gone from framing to insulation and finally to dry wall, mud, and primer.  The first set of photos below are taken from standing in our great room, looking towards the front door, kitchen, and dining room, and the second set is from the main entrance way back into the great room.
Now it starts to look like a house.  Since I took those photos, our cabinets have been put in and paint is beginning.  We really enjoyed choosing the different flooring, tiles, cabinets, appliances, etc.  Even with so many options, I'd say we agreed on just about everything.  Even those things we didn't quite agree upon, one of us usually cared more than the other and we traded off on decisions - it was fun!
Here's a sample of some of the things we chose for the house - can't wait to see it all come together!

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