Friday, August 26, 2011

you don't know what it's like, you don't know what it's like to love somebody

another hectic week in connecticut... i finished directing summer camp a week ago today and it has been non-stop since then - hence my lack of posts lately. here is a pretty good picture synopsis of the week:

i worked a twelve hour day at a fundraising tournament including running a clinic for 16 first tee girls, won my club championship in pawcatuck for the eighth time, played golf at the tpc river highlands where i met my favorite pro golfer, rory mcilroy, had dinner with all of my camp co-workers, met the uconn head football coach, bought some fishies, worked in the office, taught some golf lessons, and am going out on a wonderful date tonight.
let's see what the weekend holds, especially with a state of emergency already in effect in CT for the hurricane and the barclays golf tourney already shortened to 54 holes (what am i supposed to do all weekend?!?!)
peace, love, and one-putts

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

feeling lucky today, got the sunshine, could you tell me what more do I need? and tomorrow's just a mystery, oh yeah, but that's okay

the last ten days of my life...
campers during week 4
superstar Vince hitting shots next to his idol, Ray Allen
St. Clare's
Watch Hill sunset
love my hometown
with Fergie and Hideki
week 5

i cannot believe it's already been five weeks of camp... where has the time gone? it seems like just yesterday i was scared to death of the twenty-five five to fifteen year olds who showed up on a monday morning in the beginning of july for a week of camp. they have each taught me so much, and i just hope i have instilled in them all the good i have learned from the first tee. i could not be happier with my job, and i feel so lucky to be working for such a positive organization.

so i apologize for my non-existence on here lately, but this is my 100th post, which i never actually expected to get to, so yay! i am spending such long hours at work, and then coming home every night to (sometimes late) crazy adventures with my wonderful boyfriend, so blogger just seems to take a back seat - which i guess really isn't a bad thing (as long as i have the pictures for the few occasions when i do have the hour to spend posting).

one last thing, enjoy some videos of my cute campers from the last couple weeks.

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