Thursday, October 31, 2013

Race Recap: MS Spooktacular 5k

Happy Halloween!  

Mike and I started our celebrating and costume-wearing early, this past Saturday, with a Halloween-themed 5k to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  It was FREEZING [almost literally at 35 degrees or so], so we didn't get to wear our whole costumes - more on them tomorrow during H54F - but we still had a great time!

I finished at just under 33 minutes and was in the middle of the 600 person pack.  

Mike was a couple minutes behind me, so I got to snap these as he was crossing the finish line!

After the 5k [and showers], we rewarded ourselves with apple cider and apple fritters at the local cider mill.

My new bffs!!!

If you're looking for more apple-goodness, check out my guest post today on Northeast Bloggers!

I hope you all have a happy Halloween!  This is the first time living in Connecticut that I get a real Halloween ON Halloween.  In 2011 we had that crazy snow storm and in 2012, we had Hurricane Sandy.  I can't wait to see how many trick-or-treaters we get!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Buried in Lists

Holy cow, planning a wedding is crazy!  Luckily, my maid of honor is sooo organized.  I basically started emailing her with a million different ideas, so she made a Google Doc for us to work from.  So far, here is the list of everything she, my mom, and I are working on:

Purple is "completed;" Teal is "working on it;" and Orange is "hasn't crossed my mind yet... I have 11 months" ...also, can you guess my wedding colors??? ;)

- Ceremony Venue
- Reception Venue
- Guest List
- Officiant
- Hotel
- Wedding Colors
- Wedding Dress
- Groom's Tux
- Wedding Bands
- Bridal Party: need to ask two more groomsmen and ring bearer!
- Bridesmaid Dresses: final fitting in a few weeks!
- Groomsmen Tuxes
- DJ & Playlist
- Cake Baker
- Limos
- Florist: appointment for Thanksgiving weekend!
- Hair and Makeup
- Photographer
- Videographer
- Gift Registry
- Save The Dates
- Invitations
- Ceremony Program
- Dinner Menu
- Place Cards
- Tags for Favors
- Chalkboard signs: table numbers, cake signs, "sign our guestbook," etc.
- Bubbles for church exit
- Personal basket items for bathrooms
- Monogrammed bathroom hand towels
- Cocktail napkins
- Cocktail straws
- Card box
- Seating Chart
- Favors

So now you tell me, what am I missing?!?

It's all going to be worth it in 10 and a half months...

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kitchen Mix Up #1: The Tasting

Welcome back to the first Kitchen Mix Up!

Here were your first month's ingredients:

Now let's see what you did with them!  Link up below and remember, each entrant is entered to win a $10 Starbucks gift card for his/her participation

The Guidelines:
- "Open The Basket" on the first Tuesday of the month to see your ingredients and sign up.  
- Cook/Bake/Fry/Grill an original recipe using the four ingredients.
- Use any other ingredients you wish.
- Link up with our "Tasting" on the last Tuesday of the month with your recipe and/or photos of your creation.
- Use our button if you wish!

Here's what I made: Apples with Cinnamon Cheesecake Dip [really original, right?]

As you might have read, a couple of weekends back, we went to New Hampshire and did some apple picking.  Not only did we make applesauce, but we had a bunch left over for our lunches and for me to concoct with!  

- 2 Tablespoons cream cheese [softened]
- 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
- 1 teaspoon brown sugar
- about 5 crushed butterscotch buttons
- 1 Macoun apple

Directions: Combine all ingredients [except apple] in a small bowl and mix.  Slice apples and dip apples into dip.  Enjoy!

Want a bite?!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween: Healthy, Safe, and FUN Ideas for Kids

On Friday night, I threw a Halloween-themed Girls Night Out for the little lady golfers in my program.  One of the main aspects of our life skills program is teaching kids about healthy choices.  We have 9 healthy habits, so my challenge was to create a fun night, making sure to be health conscious.  Here's my five ways to make Halloween fun, safe, and healthy for kids:

1. Make It Active: We started the evening outside, while it was still light.  We played a couple of ice breakers and stretched to get the kids moving, and then hit some golf balls.


2. Scavenger Hunt: When it got dark, we came back inside and colored brown paper bags.  After they decorated their bags, the girls were told they were going on a scavenger hunt.  In groups, they traveled around the inside and outside of our building [wearing glow jewelry and carrying flashlights, of course], looking for pumpkins.  

Safety precautions

At each location, there was a pumpkin filled with prizes as well as the next clue.  See - Halloween doesn't have to be high in calories, here are some of the "treats" the girls found at the different locations:
granola bars, sugar free gum, erasers, clementines, stickers, pretzels, and tissues

Each of the groups' clues were in different orders, but they each hit all of the pumpkins and collected all the prizes.  Each group's last clue led them to the elevator, where one of my coaches was hiding to scare them...and give them the last clue.  We had to give them a little "trick" with their "treat" right?  

3. Healthy Snacks: After running around inside and outside, the girls were tired, so we enjoyed some of the snacks I made earlier in the day. 

orange pumpkins, ants on a log, witches' brooms, and peanut butter spiders

4. Safe Pumpkin Decorating: We finished the night by choosing a pumpkin from our pumpkin patch outside and decorating it.  Since I was with kids ages 9 to 12, we used markers to color the pumpkins instead of carving them out.  

5.  Safe Costumes: And, of course, I had them dress up as well, but I made sure to tell their parents to have them wear sneakers as well as costumes they could run around in, so we were sure to be safe.  

Like my cat costume?? Later in the week, I'll share my real costume!  Are you dressing up this year?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Homemade Family Applesauce

Last Friday, we had the family over to make some applesauce! 
When we were all in New Hampshire a couple weeks back, we picked A LOT of apples.  

Every year, Mike's family makes applesauce in the fall.  Their applesauce apparatus belonged to Mike and Laura's Great Grandmother Schaff and was from the 1930s or so.  I found this great photo on Laura's Facebook of Mike's mom and his little cousin making applesauce on Columbus Day Weekend in Maine a few years ago.
I had the privilege of making applesauce with Rindi, Laura, and Mike last year.  It's one of those recipes that wasn't exactly written down, so we weren't quite sure how well it would turn out this year, but I know Rindi enjoyed it and was laughing as Laura and Mike shared the responsibilities and Mike didn't even try to burn Laura with the boiling water!

This apple sauce is incredibly easy to make [if you have the right tool].  Mike found one of the apparatuses on Etsy, so here is the link if you're interested in some homemade applesauce!   
Once you have a press, all you have to do is core the apples [we did about 4 dozen Macoun, Macintosh, and Cortland], and place them in boiling water for about 5 minutes.  At that point, the skins begin to peel back and the apple is soft.  Strain out those soft apples with a slotted spoon and place them in the press.  Use the pestle in a circular motion to squeeze all the sauce through the holes.   Lastly, add sugar and cinnamon to taste.  We used about 1/3 cup of sugar and a few tablespoons of cinnamon.  
These apples are ready for mashing!
The finished product!  The Macintosh apples are what give the sauce the great red color.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Borrowed Heaven Has A Facebook!

I finally jumped on the Facebook wagon!  A few of my IRL friends now read my blog so I figured it might be nice to have another way to follow along besides typical "Blogger" avenues like GFC and BlogLovin.  Thanks to my BFFs who already "liked" me! 

And because this post would be incredibly boring without something extra, check out the cutest little purchase ever!

And the cutest cat ever!

...who really likes darts

[but not sharing]

...and blankets

Aaaand a photo of me to shamelessly plead with you to like my page ;)

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