Thursday, July 31, 2014

Outfit of the Month: July

After spending last month replenishing my makeup and body care stashes, I'm back to my monthly outfit for July.  I spent the first week or so seeing what my coworkers were wearing, and I realized I would be wearing far less golf clothes than I did in my old job.  Even though my outfits won't be casual in that sense, it appears I will be wearing a lot of lightweight tank top dresses, which makes sense because even though I will be in the office much of the day, I will be outside visiting sites in 90-95 degree heat.  I'm soooo glad I won't be wearing formal work attire... like ever.  I decided to add to my current dress wardrobe and also found a few clearance items to spice up existing outfits.  

Here's what I bought from Target:
Two Xhilaration Easy Waist Dresses in black and black polka
Scarves: Multicolor stripeFuschia floral, and Polka dot - got all 3 of these on clearance for $5.49
Not pictured: Mossimo Lakitia Sandals in cognac - these were on sale for $13.99

Funny story about the sandals: I saw them at Target and was convinced I already owned them but knew I had never purchased them.  I bought them and figured that I could bring them back if I really did have them.  I got home and didn't see them, and finally realized that I recognized them from seeing them on Patty and Dannielle's blogs!  I guess Bliss really does help me find new products and styles ;)  Now I saw them in gold and really want them, too!!

exploring Charleston with Mom

more of Hilton Head with Mom

On our California trip, Mike and his family was impressed that I didn't check a bag and only brought one backpack filled with clothes.  I definitely channeled my inner "study abroad weekend trips" from college when I would bring one outfits and a couple of scarves, so I could carry everything with me at all times.  In California, the scarves dressed up outfits and even functioned as a belt [which I obviously forgot].

Past OOTM:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bliss: July

What does Bliss mean to you?  To me, Bliss means anything that just makes me smile ear-to-ear; my favorites; what I'm loving right then and there.  Each month, Heather and I host Bliss on the last Wednesday of each month for other bloggers to showcase whatever it is that's making them happy that month.  Use #bloggerbliss to share your favorite photos on Instagram and Twitter, and link up with us below!

This time for Bliss, we invited our ladies to do something a little bit different.  Have you seen that "Five Photos That Make Me Feel Beautiful" Challenge floating around on Facebook recently?  Well we thought that Bliss and beauty go hand-in-hand, so this month, we want to see what makes y'all the confident, beautiful, successful ladies you are!

#1 My first half marathon: I proved to myself that I could put my mind to it and accomplish a huge goal.  This photo was total elation.

#2 The moment I knew that it was true love.  The moment that I knew how special this was.  This was right before I went to Paris to study abroad and we spent an amazing day at the beach together, and I just remember feeling so beautiful and loved.

#3 My college graduation: parents, purple hair, and a plan.  I did it!  And even more than that, I took a bigger chance and a step into a career I now can't imagine my life without.

#4 Golf: my passion and my life's work.

And #5 Me: It's taken me a long time to realize I'm not the girl I was in high school.  Two weeks ago when we were in Maine, my girl Shannon snapped this photo of me: no makeup, messy hair after swimming across the lake and back, and comfy clothes.  This IS me.  I'm not perfect, but I am beautiful.  This is who I am and I finally am really, truly, starting to love myself.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Keep The Rally Alive! I Made It Again!

Remember that time I moped about not going to Cooperstown this year?  I had really accepted that I wouldn't be going.  Between trips up to Connecticut for wedding planning and the Maine weekend, I just couldn't afford it or take the time off.  Well, about two weeks ago, I got a call from my dad and he was all whispery.  All he said was that he was paying for me to fly up to surprise my mom.  Remember how awesome she was with that whole move freak out thing?  Well, he knew how much it would mean to her [and him, of course] if I went.  So, I found flights where I could leave work only an hour early on Friday, fly into CT where Mike would drive me to Cooperstown.  [Yes, he was always planning to go up with just my parents - how fun is that?]  Then, Monday morning, I found a flight where I would only get to work an hour late - do the math on that one.

The best part of the whole weekend was how I snuck in at 12:30 am on Saturday morning without my mom knowing it.  Then I got to surprise her on Saturday morning.  It was amazing and it was the perfect family weekend!  We got to see 3 fantastic players and 3 managers inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and I kept the rally alive with now 26 straight Hall of Fame inductions!
My dad just chatting it up with Gaylord Perry
 Okay, so we did one new thing - spent time at the Lake Otsego, at the very beginning of the Susquehanna River
The two most amazing men I've ever known
The parade of Legends with all of the Hall of Famers
Yeah, that's a lot more people than last year
And because Meg and Mike don't have enough to deal with over the next couple of months, on the drive back to CT Sunday night, Mike's dad's van we were driving broke down and started smoking, so we enjoyed a lovely 100 mile tow back to East Hartford!

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Perfect Summer Beach Giveaway!!

It's the last week of our Christmas in July giveaway!  Welcome to all of the new faces around here who've stopped by over the past few weeks.  I want to check out your blogs, too!  Leave me a comment below with your link :)  Alright, now to the good stuff...

I have to say, this might be my favorite giveaway yet - just look at all of these goodies!
A reusable tote filled with: large beach towel, plastic mason jar water bottle, Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen, SPF Lip balm, Tickled Pink Detoxifying Facial Wipes, Revlon Lacquer Balm in "Demure," Organix Curl Perfecting Creme, Organix Argan Weightless Oil Hair Spray, Essie Nail Polish in "Rock the Boat," Essie Nail Polish in "Full Steam Ahead," Bath & Body Works "Endless Summer" Travel Sized Lotion and Body Spray, Orbit Gum

Friday, July 25, 2014


I saw this post on Steph's blog earlier this week and thought it was such a fun idea.  So, on Wednesday, I decided to try it for myself and took a whole boat load of photos throughout the day.  Check out what a typical more-exciting-than-usual day looks like for me in Charleston.

Shadow pats my head with her paw and I pull the covers over my head

Breakfast and Boy Meets World before work

Helping out with summer camps

Drive to the office

My sad, hour old iced tea

Prepping for the following day's board meeting

Soup and salad for lunch at Five Loaves. There is SO much good food here in CHS! I can't wait to start a series about it soon.

Come on, I had to take one selfie!  And my shoes even matched my outfit, too.

Afternoon snack

Obviously listening to awesome music

Typical Charleston afternoon commute: sitting in the sun, looking at the storms I'm about to drive into

Luckily that little clear spot in the distance of the previous photo was my house, so it's a perfect night for a run!

Big lunch Laziness means cereal for dinner

Wedding arts and crafts... I'll figure out how to get everything back up to CT eventually...

Nail painting, local beer, and Full House

Bloggy blogging before bed

Bed, 30 Rock on Netflix, and Shadow!

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