Monday, April 30, 2012

pinterest day 30: deep fried oreos

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day 30: deep fried oreos from my "favorite recipes" board

deep fried oreos

i love these! we always keep at least 10 oreos in the freezer for random times when we want fried oreos.  

all we do is put some dry krusteaz mix in one bowl and some krusteaz mix mixed with water [in a thicker consistency] in another bowl.  dip the frozen oreos in the wet mix, then the dry mix, and in the wet mix for a second time. fry them on 350 degrees in the deep fryer for 45-60 seconds or until golden brown.  top with powdered sugar and enjoy!

all you need 

you can tell we haven't made deep fried oreos in a while since these were christmas oreos!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

pinterest day 29: baby shower cupcake tower

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day 29: baby shower cupcake tower from my "ideas for clients" board

i tried to replicate this for my client today

today i had my very first official cupcake delivery!  i have made countless cupcakes for friends and family in the past, but today i dropped off 60 cupcakes for a baby shower i was referred to by a coworker.  i gave the grandmother-to-be a bunch of different photos, and she chose this one.  i think it came out pretty well!

i made two batches of my aunt zena's chocolate cake cupcakes, one batch of french vanilla cupcakes, and frosted half of each with a blue buttercream and the other half with my aunt's chocolate frosting [i will post some of these recipes soon!].

making bears for the top of each cupcake
finished bears 
finished cuppycakes 
two towers with 60 cupcakes total

ready to be delivered!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

pinterest day 28: backyard fire

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day 28: backyard fire pit from my "dream home" board

my dream backyard fire pit

okay, so i didn't make this amazing fire pit area, but someday i would love to have this!  the circular seating is fabulous.  we have a great fire pit in our backyard, but i would love some permanent seating around it.

what i did do tonight, was start a fire all by myself.  and might i say, it was good!

mike is tending to it right now while i make sure this post is up before midnight.

right after i started it
our pretty fire pit

Friday, April 27, 2012

pinterest day 27: never lose bobby pins again!

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day 27: clever bobby pin storage from my "current ct house updates" board

so clever

i went to ikea a couple of weeks ago, and finally installed this tonight!  for less than $10, i bought a grundtal magnetic knife rack, and it's perfect!

love it!
hanging on the right side of the vanity
i also love the komplement hanger on the right i use for scarves and camis!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

pinterest day 26: vodka gummi bears

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day 26: vodka gummi bears from my "current ct house updates" board

vodka soaked gummi bears

yum these are so good!  in college, we used to take a tupperware container, fill it with gummis, and just throw a bunch of vodka in to cover them.  i saw this pin and thought that making them individually would be fun and way less messy.

except... when they absorb the vodka, they swell and didn't really stay on the tooth picks.
  but they are fun eat by the shot glass!

i soaked mine for 48 hours.

and after 
huuuge gummi bears

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pinterest day 25: triple bun up-do

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day 25: triple bun hair up-do from "my style" board

hair up-do

i absolutely love this hairstyle!  i knew today was going to be a crazy day at work, so i thought this would be a great way to keep my hair out of my face at the office and while teaching my kiddos.

it only took about ten minutes AND it doesn't pull on your hair/cut off your circulation all day like other buns tend to do!

you can find the step-by-step here on oh so pretty.   

1. tease the crown of your hair
2. separate your hair into three equal pieces
3. only elastic band the top of the middle one
4. take one of the three chunks and separate that into three pieces. braid one of those three pieces and braid that mini braid into the other 2 pieces.
5. repeat for the other 2 chunks
6. take out the bottom elastics and roll each braid into a bun
7. bobby pin together

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

pinterest day 24: fried ravioli

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day 24: fried ravioli from "my favorite recipes" board

fried ravioli

i absolutely love fried ravioli, but i don't make it nearly often enough!  we decided to have ravioli for dinner, so i threw in a few extra to make this awesome app.  

all i do is cook the ravioli as usual, put them in egg wash, cover them in bread crumbs, and fry them in the deep fryer for a minute or so.

boiling the ravs
egg wash then bread crumbs
all ravioli dinner! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

pinterest day 23: ben and jerry's cake batter

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day 23: cake batter ice cream from my "things that don't fit anywhere else" board

omg i had to try this

whenever i go to a new ice cream shop, i have to try their cake batter ice cream.  so far, my favorite is birthday cake remix from coldstone.  i read this review this weekend, so i HAD to try this ice cream from ben and jerry.  the author states that the yellow cake batter part is fabulous, but the chocolate frosting swirl didn't do it for him/her.  i think my favorite part of the birthday cake remix is the chocolate swirl and brownie, so even though the review wasn't awesome, i thought the ice cream would be perfect for me.

sadly, ben and jerry didn't make it so easy to find! i went to three different super markets, and couldn't find it. so, i settled for oreo birthday blast - cake ice cream with oreo chunks and sprinkles.  however, it wasn't really settling because it was soooo good.  but i was still on the hunt.

three more grocery stores later - i found it! and no offense breyer's, but my boys ben and jerry delivered with their version of cake batter.  

new. favorite. ever. 

now i have two - never a bad thing
a glimpse into breyer's oreo birthday blast 
and holy heaven
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