Monday, April 30, 2012

pinterest day 30: deep fried oreos

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day 30: deep fried oreos from my "favorite recipes" board

deep fried oreos

i love these! we always keep at least 10 oreos in the freezer for random times when we want fried oreos.  

all we do is put some dry krusteaz mix in one bowl and some krusteaz mix mixed with water [in a thicker consistency] in another bowl.  dip the frozen oreos in the wet mix, then the dry mix, and in the wet mix for a second time. fry them on 350 degrees in the deep fryer for 45-60 seconds or until golden brown.  top with powdered sugar and enjoy!

all you need 

you can tell we haven't made deep fried oreos in a while since these were christmas oreos!


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