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Welcome to Borrowed Heaven, I'm Meg!  In my little internet space, you'll find me dishing on married life, sharing new recipes, and taking photos all throughout my city of Charleston.  My passions include finding local coffee shops in every city we visit, DIY projects, golfing, running in themed 5 and 10ks, and wearing bright colors

To know more or for sponsorship inquiries, please email me: meg.borrowedheaven@gmail.com
All content on this blog is written exclusively by me [unless otherwise noted].  Please contact me if you would like to work with me or use any of my material.  Thank you!


Ginny Williams said...

Hey Meg! A Connecticut Carabox Match!!?! How lovely! I've been to CT a bunch because my BFF moved there when we were kids! Such a beautiful state. Can't wait to meet you further!

I'm going to check out your blog for a bit now! I will email you in little while! :)


Alex said...

Hey Meg!

Just stopped by your super cute blog! So, glad we are buddies for the snowflake swap. Can't wait to connect more with you :)

Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

The Jessa Olson Blog said...

HI! I found your blog from chloe at Sunshine blog. You said that you are in Charleston. Are you in Charleston in SC? or WV?

Caroline @ Windy City Chic said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I just wanted to stop by yours. Congratulations on your recent wedding!! Your colors and flowers were so beautiful. I will continue to follow along too!!

Unknown said...

Hello, you did an incredible job with the masters flags and the pimento cheese sandwiches! I am looking to recreate that for this years Masters. Would you have any interest in making/selling me 50 or so flags? Thanks!

Meg Taylor said...

To commenter above ^^ there's no email address or name associated with your comment, so please email me (meg.borrowedheaven@gmail.com) if you'd like me to make those flags for you!

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