Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Truth be told, I've had a bit of writer's block recently.  That paired with a busy schedule, and I thought it would be a great excuse to share some of the photos I've taken this spring around the city.  Charleston is just full of color right now, and it couldn't be prettier!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwiches

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I think it's pretty obvious that I love living in the South.  The weather is beautiful, the people are kind, and the food is amazing.  Recently, I had someone ask me what my favorite thing to do in Charleston is, and without hesitating, my answer was going out to eat.  There are so many fantastic restaurants here, but part of the reason I like going out so much is because I'm not exactly a Southern chef... yet.  However, with a little help from Eggo, I have created my own easy and delicious version of chicken and waffles.
Eggo can be versatile and isn’t just for breakfast!  There are endless possibilities to make mealtime, snack time, or anytime fun through creative recipes.  On my most recent trip to Target, I picked up Eggo Thick and Fluffy Waffles and Chocolatey Chip Waffles.  Eggo is now made with ‘No Artificial Flavors.' and 'Colors from Natural Sources.’  Look for the packaging with the green banner!
From April 16th through May 13th, all Eggo products are only $1.99 each at Target.  Keep an eye out for this great deal, as well as the Kellogg in-store end cap.
Staying in the freezer section while I was at Target, I also picked up a bag of breaded chicken breast fillets to make my chicken and waffle sandwiches even easier to put together, as well as some fresh produce to add flavor and color.  I love the variety that the grocery section at Target now has.
To make two delicious sandwiches at home, all you will need are:
- 2 frozen, breaded chicken breast fillets
- 2 tablespoons mayonnaise
- 1 teaspoon sriracha
- 2 teaspoons maple syrup
- 4 Eggo Thick and Fluffy Waffles
- lettuce
- tomato (sliced)
To make these sandwiches:
1. Cook the chicken in the oven, according to package instructions.
2. While waiting for the chicken to cook, whisk together the mayo, sriracha, and syrup to create the sweet and spicy maple sriracha aioli.
3. Once the chicken is done, toast up the waffles until golden brown.
4. On one waffle, assemble the first sandwich: lettuce, tomato, chicken, aioli, and top waffle.
5. Repeat for a second sandwich and enjoy!
These sandwiches are the perfect weeknight dinner or brunch meal.  They're sweet, spicy, savory, and crispy all in one!
And, if you're still hungry after your sandwich, I highly suggest a waffle sundae piled high on an Eggo Chocolatey Chip waffle!
To see even more ways to top, stack, and dip your Eggo waffles, check out the Eggo social hub!

What's your favorite Southern food?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Lust List

Every once in a while, you just see that item (so far out of your price range) that you would just love to have.  For me, there's a full folder on my phone of Instagram, boutique, and blog post screen shots of these (insert heart-eye emoji).  So much so that I thought would be a perfect round-up for this spring Friday.  
1. I have been in love with Mason Hosker since Charleston Fashion Week, and I just need somewhere fancy to wear this Raiah Hi-Lo dress to.  The design reminds me of a Charleston sunset, and of course... pockets!

2. Everytime Chassity over at Look Linger Love puts up a post filled with outfit inspiration, I am in love.  Recently, she did one around blue dresses.  Even though this Mara Hoffman dress only has a little blue, it just screams summer to me.  Oh yeah, and pockets.

3. Changing directions just a tiny bit here, but I have been dreaming of an espresso machine for so long.  This one from Bloomgdale's looks so compact, and the stainless color would be great in our kitchen.  It'd pay for itself eventually in what I'd save at Starbucks... right?

4. I have been a fan of Gray Malin for so long.  His perfectly curated pieces from the Amalfi Coast and Rio are so perfect, but when I saw his Hawaii collection, I was more in love than ever since it reminded me of our trip this past winter.

5. Last but not least, my ultimate lust: Tropicana Embellished Suede Sandals.  The beading, the tassels, the color - obsessed.  I win the lottery and these little ladies are mine!

What are you lusting after right now?

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DIY Gold Striped Vase

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Springtime spent outside is just the best.  My favorite spot right now is our back screen porch: away from the bugs but still out in the fresh air.  We have the cutest little table and chairs, which has turned into my main warm weather DIY and craft spot.
My shopping adventures recently have been filled with fresh blooms, so I thought it would be fun for my next DIY project to be a pretty vase to display my favorite flower right now: tulips.  While at Target grabbing supplies for my vase project (a clear cylindrical vase, gold paint, washi tape, and paint brushes), I also headed over to the grocery section to pick up a case of new DASANI® Sparkling White Peach.
In addition to White Peach, I also found other new DASANI® Sparkling flavors that I can't wait to try: Strawberry Guava and Blood Orange.  Right now, you can find all of these varieties at Target for only $2.99 per 8-pack.  The slim cans are great for on-the-go, too.
These sparkling waters are so refreshing and perfect to enjoy ice-cold while crafting.  For my vase, I decided on a design with gradually bigger gold stripes down the vase.  To do this, I started by laying rows of tape together at the top of the vase.  As I continued to the bottom of the vase, the rows of tape got farther and father apart.  Anywhere I placed the tape would be an area where the vase would stay clear.
Once the vase was taped, I painted it with gold paint, making sure my brushstrokes overlapped with the tape to create crisp, straight lines.
For this project, I used three coats of paint.  When the paint was close to dry, I carefully removed each row of tape.  Not allowing the paint to dry completely allowed me to touch up any small areas where the lines were not perfect after tape removal.
I filled the vase three-quarters of the way with water and arranged my tulips, making sure to diagonally cut off the end of each stem and peel off the bottom leaf.  This will allow the tulips to thrive in the vase and last the longest.
Isn't this the perfect spring afternoon project?  The gold paint was the ideal sparkly addition to go along with my DASANI® Sparkling!
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Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Candy Milkshake

Happy Good Friday, everyone.  I hope many of you who celebrate Easter are looking forward to a fantastic weekend at church and spent with family.  Mike and I are actually headed to another golf tournament this weekend, and I have to say that I am most excited for the Sunday morning Sunrise Service on the 18th green before the day begins.  The views out into the harbor are beautiful, and it's such a great way to start the day!  

With Easter also comes that magical bunny and all of his treats.  I always loved searching all over my parents' house for eggs, and then unwrapping and eating the candy all day.  I have to say that my love for Easter candy has not dwindled over the years.  Mike and I might have gone a little crazy at the grocery store last weekend and bought a ton of goodies for ourselves.  I thought that it would be fun to take as many of those candies as possible and make them into a delicious milkshake!  Truth be told, this milkshake needs to be eaten with a spoon because of all the delicious candy pieces, but I have to say, I think I got the crazy candy combination just right. 
Here's what we binged on at the grocery store.  The only thing I didn't use in this shake were those Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies because it kept making the shake way too sweet.  Anyone remember when the SweetTarts used to be giant?! I miss those!
To make my milkshake, I scooped 3 large scoops of vanilla ice cream into my blender, along with 3/4 cup of milk.  Then, I crushed up my favorite candies: Kit Kats (chocolate wafers), Reese's rabbit (peanut butter), and Robin Eggs (malted mill balls).  I poured a whole bunch of each candy into the blender and pureed together the whole thing.  After pouring it into a glass, I made fresh whipped cream to go on top by mixing together a cup of heavy whipping cream, two tablespoons of powdered sugar, and a few drops of pink food coloring with my hand mixer.  I garnished the whole thing with a Peep and a few of the leftover candy crumbs.
Now doesn't that look like the perfect Easter dessert?! How fun would it be to have all the kids in the family bring over their favorite candies to make their own, unique milkshakes?  I bet Cadbury eggs or pastel M&Ms would be delicious!  If you're looking for even more Easter food and decor inspiration, check out my Easter round up and Easter basket ideas!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Outfit Inspiration: Neutral vs. Colorful

I love springtime, and most importantly, Easter season: going to church, spending time with family, admiring the blooming flowers, all while enjoying the beautiful weather and clothes that go along with it.  Growing up, I hated shopping 51 weeks of the year, but that one week we went out to the boutiques for Easter dresses was my absolute favorite.  Most often, I'd pick a dress with as many colors and flowers as possible.  Well, not much has changed in 20+ years.  I still love shopping for my Easter dress and bright colors, but now I also appreciate the look of neutrals.  This spring, I have created two different spring floral looks, one neutral and one colorful, to help you start thinking about your perfect Easter outfit.  Both are inspired by Secret Silky®'s fantastic line of sheer pantyhose.  These products are made with high-quality fabric and offer department store quality at a great value.  Each of my two looks features a different shade and style of Secret Silky® leg wear.
In my first outfit, I'm stepping out of my childhood comfort zone with a neutral black and white floral skirt.  I love how the jet black hosiery from the Silky Sheer Collection pulls the whole look together for a polished and sophisticated feel.
The second outfit channels my inner child with a lace and flowery spring dress.  With winter and long pants not too far behind us, my legs are not as tan as I wish they were, and the consistent sun tan color of the Sheer Support Collection gave me the confidence I needed to step out in this look.
Secret Silky®'s full line of leg wear is sold exclusively at RiteAid's 4,500 locations nationwide, so it's the perfect addition to your cart when you head over to fill your Easter baskets!

What will you be wearing on Easter this year?

I received compensation and complimentary products from Gildan in exchange for an honest review and styling of the above items.  All opinions are my own.

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