Friday, August 29, 2014

The Perfect Summer Refresher

Today I have a super easy and refreshing summer drink for you that I know you'll want to try this weekend!  Have you heard of Radler before?  If you haven't, you are in for a treat!

Radler, which means "cyclist" in German was introduced to Mike by one of his German friends, Rebecca [She seems to have a pretty good influence on our life, huh?].  Apparently it's what kids start drinking at like 16 years old to be introduced to beer and it's also what cyclists drink to stay refreshed.

Basically, it's a 1:1 or 3:2 drink of beer and lemonade.  Well, after attempts with many beers and 'ades, we found the best, most refreshing Radler in the world: Simply Lemonade with Raspberry and a Corona [or Corona Light].

There you have it!

I hope y'all have the perfect Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Outfit of the Month: My Bridal Shower

Welcome to another OOTM!  I would have to say that this is my favorite outfit so far.  Even though I won't be wearing it a ton like my other outfits, I just absolutely fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it.  On one of the trips my mom was down, we decided to go shop, and I made the sweeping decision that I wanted to look like a Southern Belle for my shower.  Well, we went to Belk and I found this beautiful Lilly dress.  I had never bought anything Lilly before, and this definitely seemed like the perfect occasion to start!  I can't wait to share even more photos of the dress with my Wedding Wednesday Bridal Shower recap post next week!  
CL by Laundry Isis Platform Wedge in White Eyelet from DSW
Tropical Green Necklace and Earrings from Lacy Laura Gray on Etsy
Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure in Barracuda from my Vow VoxBox
with my beautiful flower girl, Maya
Past OOTM:
Psssst: Did you see my awesome Sarah Nan clutch giveaway yesterday? Check it out here and enter to win!  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A few of my favorite things... Bliss, Wedding Wednesday, a giveaway!

How in the world has another month gone by?  Somehow it's already time for another month of Bliss with Heather and I.  New around here or never heard about Bliss before?  Click here to learn more about it or just trust us and use #bloggerbliss to share your favorite photos on Instagram and Twitter, and link up with us on the last Wednesday of each month!

Because I am inching ever so close to that September 20th date, this month I'm combining 3 of my favorite things in blogging: 1. Bliss, 2. Wedding Wednesday(s), and 3. a giveaway!  I think there will be something for everyone.  

First of all, combining both topics 1 and 2: THIS GIRL, my co-host, blogging partner-in-crime, fellow half marathoner and Disney lover IS COMING TO MY WEDDING!!!  Heather and her amazing boyfriend, Nick, and doing a marathon weekend of 12 states to visit family, friends, and to be at the wedding!!! How awesome are blog friends!?

Now, for numbers 2 and 3 above:  It's serious wedding crunchtime over here!  I've been posting "Wedding Wednesday To Do Lists" since October and realized right before my last one that I forgot one pretty important thing: a ring pillow for our little ring bearer, Sam.  Luckily, when perusing Etsy a few weeks back, I found Sarah Nan Designs.  She has a fantastic "rustic chic" store that features not only wedding items like ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets, but also totes and clutches in a huge variety of patterns and colors!  After much debate, I settled on this adorable Personalized Linen Ring Bearer Pillow in deep lavender.  
Let me just tell you, I absolutely love it!! It's a fantastic size [8 inches x 8 inches] and even with the personalization, it only took a week from purchase to delivery.  I also love this pillow because after the wedding, it will become just that, a throw pillow for my couch.  How perfect is that?

Now, because we know that not everyone is planning a wedding, Sarah and I found a much more universal giveaway that I think you ladies will LOVE: a zippered clutch in your choice of style!  You can choose between a Linen and Vintage Lace Clutch or a Rustic Burlap and Shabby Flower Clutch.  Here's a little more about each item:
Linen and Vintage Lace Clutch (pictured in middle photo and bottom right) Each clutch is individually made per order with beautiful vintage lace pieces found on Etsy, a variety of colors of linen, lined with cotton ivory, and has a sweet little lace zipper pull.  It measures 8 inches by 4.5 inches and can be made in one of 15 colors of linen.

Rustic Burlap and Shabby Flower Clutch (pictured in top photo and bottom left) Perfect for a bridesmaid or any lady in your life, these clutches feature a flower in your choice of 20 colors with a pearl button detail in the center.  The interior lining fabric color also matches the color of the flower and this clutch measures 8 inches by 4.25 inches. 
Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wanna make friends? Pull the fire alarm.

It has been FOREVER since I did a weekend update.  I definitely haven't done one of life in SC yet.  This was my first real weekend with Mike at our apartment where I didn't have to work and/or we didn't fly somewhere and/or we didn't spend the whole time unpacking.  

Here's how it started: Last Thursday night, well, Friday morning at 2:30 a.m., we woke up to a ridiculously loud fire alarm.  Awesome.  Well, those 30 minutes we spent with the other people living in the 40 apartments in our building definitely helped us figure out who we do and do not want to be friends with; you definitely see someone's true colors at that hour of the night!  We had funny conversations with some great people our age who we hadn't previously met.  Well, then there were these people: "Ugh, come on, seriously, what is wrong with this place.  I need to do something about this, I'm calling Jenny [one of the managers] and complaining right now!  I need to be at work tomorrow morning, this is ridiculous." AND "Come on, [insert boyfriend/husband/random dude she lives with's name here], we're sitting in the car.  It's too hot out here." ...and proceeds to sit with her headlights on everyone's faces for the half hour.  No thanks!  

Flash forward to Friday after work - our apartment's clubhouse had an ice cream social - win! So we ate huge sundaes and played pool.  Because we spoiled our dinner, we drove down to the beach, walked on the pier, and explored Lighthouse Inlet and Rat Island [yes, we did see a rat] until dark.  Before we headed home, we had a super late dinner at my favorite Mexican place [can't wait to share it this week].

Can we talk about these little crabs that come out as it gets dark?! Terrifying!

Saturday we woke up before the sun to play golf.  Getting done before noon meant Waffle House for brunch and a whole relaxing afternoon at the pool.  We met tons of new, awesome people who were blasting music and playing Kan Jam in the pool - yeah, our type of people.  

Sundays are for relaxing, catching up on blogging, errands, FedEx Cup Playoffs on tv, and grilling by the pool.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lying down in Charleston under the Carolina sky

It's been a year since we lost an amazing woman.  Mike's mom is missed everyday and we think and talk about her so often.  I love that she is still such a positive influence in our lives.  I know she will be there watching us next month when I can officially fulfill my last promise to her.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Culinary Foodventure: Charleston Chowdown

Now that I've been in Charleston for two months, I think I'm starting to understand this city.  I love it for so many reasons: the weather, the bridges [there's only one or two ways to get anywhere, so I can't get lost!], my job, all of the different adventures to go on with Mike, the heritage [History major nerd alert] and the food.

In the order of Charleston fame, the culinary distinction comes right after the rich history and right before the well-mannered people.  Needless to say, it's a pretty big component of daily life.  In the lowcountry Greater Charleston area [Charleston + Mount Pleasant] there are over 1,000 restaurants.  So, we came up with a fun idea.  Every time we go to a new restaurant, we'll snap a couple of photos and review it for all y'all!  I call it: Charleston Chowdown.
Even the fountains are shaped like food!
Because I don't think Mike and I will be going to a different restaurant every single day for almost 3 years, I obviously will not be reviewing all of them in the city, but with the help of friends and coworkers to lead us to the right places, of course, Trip Advisor, hopefully we will have some great ones to share!  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Connecticut Weekend Snapshots

Phew, what a weekend!  Mike and I were in CT from Thursday until yesterday doing everything wedding related: marriage license, meetings with our presiding priest and wedding coordinator, trial hair and makeup, two dress fittings, organizing and stuffing favors, and, of course, my bridal shower - more about that soon!  We even had time to sneak in a few drinks with my bridesmaids :)  Now, we're knee deep in unpacking 5 suitcases of shower presents [thanks for free bags, Southwest!!] - seriously, I have some amazing friends and family.  

We're good to go!

REO Speedwagon and Chicago concert on Friday

One last house clean up

My future father-in-law is the best for letting me take over his basement...

My mom outdid herself... she made everything but the cake!

So, we're finally back in SC now and we are so excited to have a full month here without any trips to really get into the groove.  [AKA I will be blogging on a normal schedule starting this week :) ]  Did you see my giveaway last week?  There are only a couple more days to enter!  It's open to any reader [you don't have to be a blogger!].  Check it out here!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Our Home (and a giveaway)

I think I made it pretty clear yesterday that Mike and I are living in the midst of chaos.  I have to admit, at first, it didn't feel quite like home.  When we moved in on Thursday, the whole place smelled like rug steaming, everything was bare, boxes stacked higher than I could reach, and our kitty girls were still at my temporary place a half hour away.

Well, since then, Mike made sure that we hung our photos on the wall, our bed was the first thing put together, and, of course, we picked up our girls.  And, this helped:

I hung it from our television as soon as it was set up, and it's just such a beautiful little reminder of where we are now.

Yes, it may be in the middle of a million boxes, but it's perfect and makes me smile whenever I see it.

I started talking to Kelly at Wedding Banner Love about a month ago about wedding ideas.  I told her that I was moving and she sent me this custom-made banner.  She is such a talented lady and it's been a pleasure to work with her.  
Yes, there are two there... more about that other one another time!

Now here's the fun part: A GIVEAWAY!!  Kelly is giving away a $25 shop credit to Wedding Banner Love.  She has such an array of themes that you can choose from: Nautical Bachelorette, Christmas, HalloweenJust Married, Pregnancy Announcement, First Birthdays, and tons of other holiday themes!

I received these banners complimentary from Kelly at Wedding Banner Love for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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