Friday, May 18, 2018

My Go-To Breakfast

...or snack ...or dessert.  Peanut butter is one of my favorite ingredients, especially for breakfast.  The protein helps me stay full all morning and keeps me from snacking before lunch.  This recipe takes 20 seconds in the microwave, and it's so delicious.  You can either enjoy it warm, right out of the bowl (like I do) or put it in a cupcake liner and bring to work.  It will cool into a tasty breakfast bar.
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 teaspoon honey (plus a little more for drizzling)
1/4 cup Rice Krispies
toppings suggestions: sliced almonds, chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, mini chocolate chips, flaked coconut

1. Microwave the peanut butter for 20 seconds.
2. Stir in the honey, followed by the cereal.
3. Top the mixture with your favorite add-ins.  My current favorite combination is almonds, cranberries, and a few chocolate chips.
4. Finish the bowl off with a drizzle of honey.
There you have it, simple and delicious.  To be honest, you can make these Peanut Butter Breakfast Bowls with any cereal or granola you have on hand.  Do you have a favorite, easy weekday breakfast?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Springtime in Hampton Park

Today I'm excited to share what is probably my favorite spot in all of Charleston this time of year: Hampton Park.  Located on the Charleston peninsula, next to The Citadel and the Ashley River, Hampton Park has some of the best walking/running trails in the city.  The entire park is so well manicured, and the park volunteers take care in curating seasonal displays of flowers in every corner of the park.
This time of year, the main draw is definitely the Confederate Jasmine arch, located near the Southeast corner of the pond.  Seriously, how stunning are these white blooms?!  I wish you could smell them, too.  They're just magical!
Not to be outdone are all of the blossoming magnolia trees and planted annuals between each path.  If you're more of an art fan, the park also has fantastic installations and sculptures across its 60 acres. 
Between March and September, the roads around the park are closed off to traffic on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:00-8:00pm) as well as Saturday mornings (8:00am-noon) so that even more people can walk, run, and cycle around the park.
There are parking lots at each entrance of Hampton Park, and if you don't feel like going for a run, bring a lunch to enjoy at the picnic tables scatted around the park, under the live oak trees.
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No matter what you're in the mood for, Hampton Park has it!

Monday, May 14, 2018

An Afternoon in Beaufort

This weekend, Mike and I visited Hilton Head Island to see my in-laws who were vacationing there, and on the way back, we decided to stop in Beaufort for the afternoon.  Right in the middle of Hilton Head and Charleston, this adorable little city is located just far enough off the beaten path to have its own identity.  
We started our day at Waterfront Park, right on the river.  The swings were so adorable, and it was the perfect place for a walk. 
After the park, we stepped into Scout Southern Market on Bay Street to cool down.  They're famous for their sweet tea floats (iced tea with lemon sorbet), and it was so refreshing!  I seriously wanted to bring everything home in this sweet little store. 
After we left Scout, we walked all up and down Bay Street.  The art galleries in Beaufort are fantastic, and I loved all the shopping. 
Our last stop of the day was for a drink back on Waterfront Park.  Unlike Charleston, I love how much riverfront dining there is, and I even met the sweetest little cat outside.  How adorable is Chester?!
We can't wait to go back to Beaufort to explore even more.  Here are five more things to do in Beaufort, SC that we will definitely be adding to our future travel plans:
- Climb Hunting Island Lighthouse
- Stroll through Point neighborhood
- Indulge at The Chocolate Tree
- Visit the Old Sheldon Church Ruins
- Kayak or paddle board through Beaufort waterways

Friday, May 11, 2018

Weekend Eats: Daps

Happy Friday, friends!  We'll be spending the weekend touring Charleston with Mike's dad, and he liked the place I'm sharing with you today so much last time he was here that I know we'll be back.  Honestly, the only way I could bring myself to share Daps on the blog was when I knew that I would be back there soon.  Seriously, these photos are just making my mouth water.  This food is so delicious, and on top of that, the decor is so fun!
Daps opened on the Westside of Charleston peninsula earlier this year.  The team converted a sweet little historical house into a bright and airy breakfast spot that perfectly fits the neighborhood.  While it's in a pretty residential section, I've honestly never had trouble finding street parking (one of the things Charlestonians will tell you is clutch when going out and about).  While there isn't a parking garage or lot nearby, the spots in front of Daps are not "residential only" as many are in the area.  Plus, it's only a few blocks from Hampton Park, so one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend morning is to park at Hampton, walk down to Daps for brunch, and take a stroll around the park to burn off all those mimosa and pancake calories.
The first time we went to Daps (after following them on Instagram for months) was for brunch on Easter Sunday.  Fruity Pebbles pancakes seemed like a novelty that I had to try, and after giving up sweets for Lent, you know that was at the top of the list.  Well, let me tell you, they absolutely live up to the hype.  They're fluffy, sweet, cooked to perfection, and topped with honey butter - what else could you ask for?!
When you walk into Daps, you first order at the counter, grab your drink of choice, and take a seat with your number to wait for your food.  If you're wondering what to drink, I think the sign outside tells you everything you need to know: Mimosas. On. Tap.  If beer is more your style, they have a great local selection on tap, in addition to a full bar with lots of unique cocktails. 
Okay, now back to the food.  In addition to the pancakes (which I've now had a few times), I'm obsessed with their folded egg sandwiches.  Take a homemade English muffin, and top it with eggs, bacon, and a delicious melted cheese sauce - just yum!  If you're looking for a side to share, the hash is so good and comes in both half and full orders.  Try the "Big Meaty" with bacon, sausage, and country ham!  Honestly, you cannot go wrong at Daps!
Alright, hand me the syrup, I'm digging in!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

One Room Challenge Finale

Six weeks have passed, and it's time for my One Room Challenge reveal.  We have spent so much time in this space over the last few weeks, and we are so happy to have it complete.  I am so impressed with the other One Room Challenge spaces I've seen, and while I know that mine wasn't the most time intensive (hello to my friend Kelley who has been working her @$$ off over the last 6 weeks!).  You can click here to see the "before" photos as well as all of our inspiration.  Our goal was to make our porch as colorful as possible, and I think we succeeded!
Before and after outside the patio:
Before and after inside the patio:
Here's what we used for this renovation:
patio set
rocking chair
string lights
plant stands
- door mat
- pillows: flamingos and florals
- signs: pineapple monogram and "hello"
spray paint
- sign fasteners
Our next project will be extending our patio and putting in a walkway around the garage to our driveway.  We will be starting that in the next couple of weeks, and it'll match the pave stones of the small patio where we keep our grill.  

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