Saturday, April 14, 2012

pinterest day 14: simple skin care

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day 14: simple skin care products from "my style" board

simple skin care

i have seen these commercials all over tv lately.  when i came back from phoenix, i was sunburned, peeling, and my skin was so dry, so i figured why not?  it has a nice, light, fresh scent, and makes my skin really smooth.  i've been using it every day for about 2 weeks.

yes, i acknowledge, this is a bit of a cop out, but i have a good excuse [continue reading if you want to know what it is] so i figured i would at least add a bit of substance by showing what else i use daily besides simple.

shampoo and conditioner: herbal essences body envy
body wash: suave mango mandarin i used to use suave cucumber melon - it was amazing, but i don't think they make it anymore. womp womp.
face wash: simple facial wash gel obviously
face scrub: apricot scrub a generic version of this - yay for buy one get one free sales!
[not pictured] daily moisturizer: neutrogena healthy skin cream

i use each of these everyday except for the facial scrub that i use about once a week.


okay, so here is what was more important than baking/crafting/etc.

we got a porsche for the weekend!!!! 

mike offered to detail my boss's porsche for free if he could drive it around for the weekend.  my boss is such a cool guy... look at the text he sent me this morning.

oh and if you can read the rest of my texts... we did get the top down - score!
2003 targa

oh, hartford, so pretty from far away
we spent all afternoon, after i got out of work, driving around the connecticut countryside.  it was sooo much fun, and it was 70 and sunny today so perfect cruising weather.  now mike is washing and i'm helping with the wax.  


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