Thursday, April 19, 2012

pinterest day 19: i am somebody

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day 19: i am somebody from my "inspire" board

here is a sort of 2-parter or 2-boarder

i am somebody
bracelet stories

as some of you may know, i am very passionate about the invisible children.  i have written letters to congressmen, spread the message across social media, and purchased some items from them to continue to spread the word.

i am so happy, my package arrived today!  mike also ordered one, and his arrived last week, so i have been very envious.

i think mine took extra time because in addition to the action kit, i also purchased a bracelet story.  in addition to two handmade bracelets, it also includes a dvd about sunday.  you can read more about the holistic approach to providing sustainable economic growth in Uganda where my bracelets were made here (the last program).   

i am so proud to wear this bracelet.

i will definitely find someone good to give the second one to soon


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