Friday, April 6, 2012

pinterest day 6: anchored for life

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day 6: anchored for life from "my style" board

anchored for life

for 18 years, i grew up in a shoreline town in rhode island.  all of my childhood memories are spending summer days playing in the sand, boogie boarding with my friends, buying grilled cheese sandwiches at the snack sand, riding the carousel on warm nights, and window shopping at all of the little boutiques.

i have finally accepted that i will never again live in rhode island.  while it makes me incredibly sad, i know there is nothing for me there that could ever better my career.  

additionally, i have been searching for the perfect tattoo since i began college.  i have always wanted one but never felt there was anything "special enough" to get.

then i found this beautiful symbol on pinterest. [yes, that sounds ridiculously silly, i know, but it is so wonderful!!!]  for those of you who do not know, the rhode island flag centers on an anchor, and since ri is the ocean state, it seemed like the perfect idea for a tattoo.

i didn't plan to have this be a part of my month of pinterest, but they couldn't schedule me at nautilus tattoo during march like i would have liked, and i wanted to share it on my blog, so i figured why not?!?

so, today at noon, i got it!  and i LOVE it!

bye bye symmetrical feet!
i was a baby, at first

yay for my first ink!


April B. said...

Lovely ! Great tattoo ! I have about 24 myself & a fishing bobber on the top of my left foot. You can see some of my ink on my blog here if you like:

Euni said...

That is such a gorgeous design! I love how you got the "forever" theme incorporated into your tattoo :)

Meg said...

Thanks, April!! I will definitely have to take a look at your blog :)

Meg said...

Thanks so much, Euni! That's definitely what I was looking for when I was thinking about designs.

Kelly said...

LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog today so excuse me for posting so late in the game. :) I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the design of your tattoo! I only have one tat so far, but I'm thinking my next one (my cat's name and a tiny paw) will be on my foot as well.

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