Wednesday, April 11, 2012

pinterest day 11: chocolate chip lava cookies

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day 11: chocolate chip lava cookies from my "recipes i need to try" board

lava cookie

today is mike and my anniversary!!! we went out for a great dinner and are very excited to watch revenge when it comes back from hiatus tonight!  i decided to make us a dessert to watch revenge with, but i cheated a little (and didn't make it from scratch) so we could spend more time together.

i used cookie dough from a toll house tub, put some of it in a greased muffin pan, filled the middle with melted chocolate (half milk, half semi-sweet), and topped it with more cookie dough.

we shared one before we left for dinner and they are SO good :)

look what i got for a surprise in the middle of baking!
if you do it this way instead of just putting chocolate chips inside, it's more chocolatey!
all baked.  let them sit in the pan for a while or they will fall apart. 
flip the muffin pan upside, onto a cooling rack, so they stay in one piece.

and he put them in a vase for me :)


Mike said...

Annnd the cat knocked it over...

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