Monday, April 16, 2012

pinterest day 16: peeps s'mores

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day 16: peeps s'mores from my "current CT house updates" board

peeps s'mores
i had originally planned to have these during one of our backyard fire nights with all of our leftover easter candy, but it hasn't rained in weeks, so we don't want to start a forest fire in our yard.  coincidentally, mike's mom gave us some more peeps when we were over their house for dinner last night - and whoops, i left them in my car all day.  it was almost 90 degrees here today, so they melted... a lot.  

perfect for s'mores!

lots of leftover candy to use!
melted peeps!
pretty front yard gardens!
made some s'mores and enjoyed them on the front porch in the beautiful weather

peep, 3 squares of hershey's chocolate, and cinnamon graham crackers = perfection


Leah R said...

Meg that's such a good idea! I wish I thought of this when I write my article about revamping Easter candy! If you still have some to spare, you should try the Peeps Krispies Treats recipe (

Keep up the awesome blog!

Leah R

Meg said...

Thanks, Leah! Those rice krispie treats look great, I will definitely have to try them!

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