Monday, April 23, 2012

pinterest day 23: ben and jerry's cake batter

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day 23: cake batter ice cream from my "things that don't fit anywhere else" board

omg i had to try this

whenever i go to a new ice cream shop, i have to try their cake batter ice cream.  so far, my favorite is birthday cake remix from coldstone.  i read this review this weekend, so i HAD to try this ice cream from ben and jerry.  the author states that the yellow cake batter part is fabulous, but the chocolate frosting swirl didn't do it for him/her.  i think my favorite part of the birthday cake remix is the chocolate swirl and brownie, so even though the review wasn't awesome, i thought the ice cream would be perfect for me.

sadly, ben and jerry didn't make it so easy to find! i went to three different super markets, and couldn't find it. so, i settled for oreo birthday blast - cake ice cream with oreo chunks and sprinkles.  however, it wasn't really settling because it was soooo good.  but i was still on the hunt.

three more grocery stores later - i found it! and no offense breyer's, but my boys ben and jerry delivered with their version of cake batter.  

new. favorite. ever. 

now i have two - never a bad thing
a glimpse into breyer's oreo birthday blast 
and holy heaven


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