Thursday, July 31, 2014

Outfit of the Month: July

After spending last month replenishing my makeup and body care stashes, I'm back to my monthly outfit for July.  I spent the first week or so seeing what my coworkers were wearing, and I realized I would be wearing far less golf clothes than I did in my old job.  Even though my outfits won't be casual in that sense, it appears I will be wearing a lot of lightweight tank top dresses, which makes sense because even though I will be in the office much of the day, I will be outside visiting sites in 90-95 degree heat.  I'm soooo glad I won't be wearing formal work attire... like ever.  I decided to add to my current dress wardrobe and also found a few clearance items to spice up existing outfits.  

Here's what I bought from Target:
Two Xhilaration Easy Waist Dresses in black and black polka
Scarves: Multicolor stripeFuschia floral, and Polka dot - got all 3 of these on clearance for $5.49
Not pictured: Mossimo Lakitia Sandals in cognac - these were on sale for $13.99

Funny story about the sandals: I saw them at Target and was convinced I already owned them but knew I had never purchased them.  I bought them and figured that I could bring them back if I really did have them.  I got home and didn't see them, and finally realized that I recognized them from seeing them on Patty and Dannielle's blogs!  I guess Bliss really does help me find new products and styles ;)  Now I saw them in gold and really want them, too!!

exploring Charleston with Mom

more of Hilton Head with Mom

On our California trip, Mike and his family was impressed that I didn't check a bag and only brought one backpack filled with clothes.  I definitely channeled my inner "study abroad weekend trips" from college when I would bring one outfits and a couple of scarves, so I could carry everything with me at all times.  In California, the scarves dressed up outfits and even functioned as a belt [which I obviously forgot].

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Julie said...

Cute dresses! I can't wait til I have my real job back where I can wear all my cute things, and not a uniform!

Jen said...

I love these dresses! They are really cute. :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I never tire of Polka Dots!
Such cute dresses.
Give me all the scarves - love them all year round!

Carly said...

I was so excited when I saw all the colors and patterns in the first picture! I might have said this before, but usually I don't gravitate towards polka dots, but I love that dress-- the color makes it so classic looking! Love all your pictures!

Kristin said...

I really like the dresses! I've been trying on every pair of clearance sandals I find at Target and they never seem *quite* comfy enough, so I've given up. I've invested enough in sandals that give me blisters and now it's like I'm too jaded to risk it.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Such a cute dress and you got some miles on those shoes which make them totally worth it!

Rebecca said...

Those scarves are so cute!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Everything is really cute, dresses and scarves. You go with your backpack travel.

Lisa C said...

Love the polka dots! Can't wait to see more Charleston adventures :)

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