Thursday, June 6, 2013

If you knew me in real life [Part 2]... would NEVER know...

[I thought since I shared a few things that the whole world already knows about me yesterday,  it would be fun to divulge a few little secrets to only my bloggy friends :) ]

       ... I am loving country music right now.  Between my boss and roommate listening to it constantly [and my trip to Nashville], I can't get enough!

       ... I have turned into a neat freak.  I used to be a PIG.  And yes, I make messes these days, but I spend my days off cleaning [and enjoying it... a little too much].  I just like taking pride in where I live.

       ... I really want more tattoos.

       ... I'm on my way to a new, healthy lifestyle

       ... Sometimes I take outfit selfies.

       ... my roommates have turned me on to some ridiculous television I never thought I'd watch: Archer, Family Guy, The Bachelor, The League, and Burn Notice to name a few.

       ... I have a blog [but, you already knew that!].

Borrowed Heaven

Do you share things with the bloggy world you don't share with people IRL??


Jen said...

That first outfit is amazing, you look beautiful! :)

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I love the league and burn notice!!! I'll be sharing about something at the end of the month that you may be interested in for your "healthy lifestyle"! :) I'm excited about it!

Angi said...

YES to country music and tattoos! I wish I were a bit more of a neat freak...and those outfits are super cute!

Kristin said...

I share more with the blog world than I do with anyone else. I've discovered it's easier to type it than it is to say it.

Those are good outfit pictures!

Also, I've become neurotic about cleaning lately too. Must be growing up?

Anonymous said...

No one IRL knows I have a blog (except my husband). Sometimes I secretly want more tattoos too! Oh, and I found something else we have in common! I grew up in a house that has that exact same slate tile entryway. :)

p.s. love this blog post idea!

Unknown said...

I always share more in the blog than outloud. I have really been thinking about getting a tattoo lately. My husband isn't so excited about it though

Christine said...

So glad I finally have a friend who likes country music!

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