Monday, September 9, 2013

Training Starts TODAY

I'm running a half marathon in 62 days.  And yes, I'm just starting my training now.  This will be the second half of my Run Disney "Coast to Coast" medal, and I am so excited!

This time around, I plan to do a mix of workouts and make my own schedule.  I've tried to stick to half marathon prep workouts before and it hasn't exactly worked.  I get pretty bored running, even with super loud music, so at least once a week I will be biking, completing an Insanity workout, and just working on abs.  Hopefully this will keep me motivated because let's be honest: I ran my last half marathon in January without training... whoops.  I sort of felt like Barney after his marathon [HIMYM season two reference, anyone?], but not that bad.  This time, I swear I will be more prepared [mostly because I don't want Heather to leave me in the dust haha].

So, here's me trying to keep myself accountable for my training.  HOPEFULLY I will be back next Monday with good news - wish me luck!  Then again, after how I was feeling after my baby run yesterday after work, I'm not feeling too confident haha.

Borrowed Heaven

I was obviously less than thrilled after my first baby run yesterday [ps check out my sunburn from working 8-5:30 in the sun Saturday], but then a half hour later, Mike came home with this "Happy September" present - yeah, he's a keeper!


Heather @ From Here to There said...

BAHHAHAHA! I doubt I'll leave you in the dust, but thanks for the ego-boost! You're going to do great, I think your training plan sounds good. I like the plan I picked out because it incorporates so much more than running (I only run 3-4 times a week and one of those days is always a tempo, speed, or hill run). Good luck!! Very excited to see you soon! :) And omg... beautiful September flowers, LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Meg! I love that face you are making, hehe! And those flowers are beautiful!

Amanda said...

Good for you on running a half marathon! That's great! I couldn't do that, that's for sure! Good luck with your training!

I love your flowers! So beautiful!

And So I Did said...

I'm running my first half in 47 days, and I haven't really started training... YIKES! I'm in total crunch time, and I'm a little worried. Any advice for a first time runner?

Unknown said...

My last half was done without training, and I totally get your reference! I felt the same way!! Good luck! I would love to run a disney race someday

Jen said...

Wahoo!!! You will do amazing!

Kelly said...

I still haven't signed up for the Disney half in November, do you know if it's sold out? I am having a hard time committing! Lol.. or maybe it's because it's just so darn expensive..

Anonymous said...

Good luck Meg! I run my first half marathon this weekend, and I'm a nervous wreck. Any tips for first timers? I used the SELF magazine training program and it's been great! Let me know if you want the link :)

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