Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Wish List

Happy Wednesday!  This is always one of my favorite posts to put together, it's my twenty-first century letter to Santa.  There is definitely emphasis on the word wish in this list.  Some of these items are absolute wishes, but that's the fun part of making a list - just like when I asked for a pony when I was little!

Let's start with my wishes - first those headphones.  On Black Friday, we were at Best Buy getting new phones, and I wandered over to the audio section and tried on these pretty white headphones.  The store was so loud, but as soon as I put them on, it was silent.  They have a hefty price tag, but again, that's why we call it a wish list - haha!

My other wishes include prints by the amazing Teil Duncan here in Charleston.  The colors of the Sullivan's Island beach would be perfect for our living room, and the picnic blanket and oranges match our kitchen so well.

Now for more useful gifts; I am in desperate need of a new camera strap.  I want a long one that I can wear across my body, and I love how thin this Etsy shop's styles are.  I also love that hat and vest.  I don't wear winter jackets very much anymore in South Carolina, but vests are so perfect for the weather down here.  While it might not look like a useful gift, I have been wearing the same cocktail dress to work events for like two years, and I would love a new look.  The sweater and midi skirt look is so pretty, and I love the colors on this skirt from Nordstrom.

And lastly, the pretty things: who doesn't love some new jewelry and shiny sneakers?!

What's on your wish list this year?


BLovedBoston said...

I love the idea of a beautiful print to add to your home - it's a gift that you can enjoy for years!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Oh my goodness, that vest looks SO cozy! And love your title of it being the 21st century letter to Santa. Too cute <3

Green Fashionista

Unknown said...

Very cool, dear!

New follower!

P!nky said...

Those earrings and shoes are fabulous!

Kait said...

Those headphones are AMAZING! They are the only way I will board an airplane - life changing!

Kristin said...

The vest is amazing. I love a good vest but don't know if I'd be willing to spend that much.

Jen said...

I want that vest! I've heard amazing things about it so I might have to cave and buy it.

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I want that midi shirt too. Such a cute Christmasy outfit. I also love those earrings. I have a few pairs and always want more of them.

Carly said...

That midi skirt is so pretty and I love both of those earrings!

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