Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fall at The Cape

Last month, Mike and I were in Massachusetts for his best friend's wedding and spent time in one of the quintessential New England areas, just north of Cape Cod.  There are so many cute seaside towns between the Cape and Boston, and with the changing leaves and fall decorations, it could not have been a better time to visit. 

For most of the trip, we stayed in Scituate, just a block from the shore and a half mile from the lighthouse.  My absolute favorite part of staying in Scituate was walking out the peninsula to the lighthouse.  All of the little shore houses were so cute and the ocean views were amazing.
We also spent time in Marshfield, a little south of Scituate, for the actual wedding and rehearsal dinner.  The buoy collections are seriously one of my favorite things about New England towns.  Every fisher and lobsterman in the area decorates their buoys with their own designs to distinguish them from fellow boaters.  Inevitably, some of those buoys float away, and they end up on people's docks and beaches - hence, the collection!
And, of course, we found two adorable little coffee shops while we were in town - what else would you expect from us?!  The first was in Cohasset, Sea Bird Coffee.  We went on Friday morning, and it was "donut Friday."  I was obviously thrilled!  They get their donuts from a little bakery in Quincy and sell out almost every week.  Plus, the seasonal Brown Sugar Cardamom latte was perfect for the stormy weather.
The second coffee shop was back in Scituate, Lucky Finn Cafe, and we were so lucky to go on the best weekend of the fall.  Beach Plum Floral created the most beautiful installation and sold flowers for Alice's House.  Lucky Finn had some of the best cannolis I've had in my life and the seasonal hot, spiced apple cider was amazing!


BLovedBoston said...

I always think of the cape as the perfect summer escape but it's charming this time of year too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

It's been WAY too long since I've visited the Cape! We used to go every summer while growing up, but I never thought to visit in the fall too. So pretty <3
Green Fashionista

Rebecca Jo said...

OK - weird question - but I gotta know - how did you get that overhead shot at the restaurant? Were you standing on something? :) haha

Jen said...

My goodness! How beautiful! I really want to visit that area.

Making Restorations said...

New England in the Fall is the dreamiest of places.

Sarah said...

The Cape is one of my favorite places. It's so cute and quaint and I never want to leave.

Lisa - Extra Black Olives said...

Virginia Tech plays Boston College every year, so I decided we need to make the trip to Boston for a game up there. These photos make me want to go now!

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