Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018: One Second Everyday

At the start of 2018, I watched my friend, Macy's "1 Second Everyday" video.  Seriously, how cool of a concept is that?!  It's only a small moment of your day, but it's so much more fun to look back on than photos alone.  Somehow, I actually kept a resolution last year and recorded every. single. day.

It's certainly been a wild one for us, and we can't wait for all that's in store in 2019!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I am so super impressed you got a whole year!!! I loved doing mine monthly - & then my phone crashed & I lost all my videos that I was storing for a month & then just quit doing it for the year. I am trying it again for 2019... but still afraid to try for a whole year. I'll stick with month by month. You are my 1-second-hero though - FOR SURE!

Nicole said...

Congratulations...on getting all those videos ;) Pretty clever! I'm thinking it's pretty important to watch the whole video (which I did), huh?

LB said...

Congrats! Gave me goosebumps. So excited for you both! 2019 will certainly be an adventure!

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