Saturday, November 16, 2019

Calvin's Nursery

Next week, Calvin will be 6 months old, and this weekend, we are starting to transition him into his nursery!  For the first two months of his life, he slept in a bassinest next to our bed, then, for the last four months into a Pack 'n Play in the full-size bassinet.  I will absolutely miss waking up next to him every morning, but I'm excited for this little bit of independence as he gets older.  Before his room becomes lived-in, I made sure to snap a whole bunch of photos to remember what everything looked like at the start.  If you're interested in any of the product details, I've linked to everything at the bottom of this post!
Our inspiration: Obviously, I'm a big fan of Target, and their Cloud Island collections for nurseries are so cute!  I was between a night sky theme, an animal theme, and this theme with shapes.  I went with this, and primarily gray, navy blue, turquoise, and mint green for colors.
The "Before:" The upstairs of our home has 3 bedrooms, and this space shares a jack-and-jill bathroom with Mike's office.  Before it was Calvin's nursery, it was our second guest room and golf/running catch-all. 
The Progress: Mike was a boss at putting everything together, and the cats loved "helping."  
The "After:" We just love the way it turned out.  We wanted a cozy space that Calvin could grow with, and my favorite part is that even with only one window in the room, it still feels so bright!
crib ||| crib mattress ||| ottoman ||| side table ||| glider ||| bookcase ||| dresser ||| nightstand |||
Unfortunately, it looks like the Target PillowFort lamp and exact crib sheets are no longer available, but here is the link to the throw blanket over the chair and here is a similar set of swaddle blankets.  All Simmons furniture is 'rustic white.'


Rebecca Jo said...

Look at your little man standing in his crib!!!! so cute!!!

Terra Heck said...

It looks great. Love the cohesiveness of it all.

Sarah said...

The picture of the three swings, stroller and car seat cracks me up. Babies require so many seats!

ddn4hnatzr said...

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