Sunday, September 4, 2011

in time you just might take to feeling better, time is the beauty of the road being long

happy labor day weekend! this is my first year (in 17 years) of not going back to school...which is surprisingly AMAZING! PLUS i'm a laborer this year so i get a long weekend. right now i'm sitting on my computer, in the living room, drafting one of my fantasy teams - one of my roommates is desperately helping me haha. also this weekend i'm housesitting for my boss at his AWESOME house. here is a bit of my last week...
"it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when..." okay CT weathermen

one large tree later...

and we're grilling by head lamp

not gonna hate this part thoughhhh

power at work and wine for lunch

working hard at TFTCT

the calm after the storm

and my new fishies!

M5 <3 

opening day

gotta love this kind of housesitting

OH YEAH, so bad that i already put it out of my mind, but we had a hurricane this week! NOTHING like they said it would be, but still had enough wind speed as a tropical storm to knock down a couple hundred year old new england trees. also, places on the beach (like my parents) have had power off all week. i knew there was another reason i couldn't post this week... shows how much i'm living in the moment right about now - can't say i hate it.

hopefully it will be less than a week until my next post!


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