Thursday, December 15, 2011

the dolls are in their best arrayed, there's going to be a wonderful parade. hark to the drum, oh here they come, cries everyone.

having a toy drive at work, if anyone is in our area (rocky hill, ct) and wants to drop off a toy to benefit Toys for Tots, please do!

i cannot even describe how much i miss my disney sing-along songs and other christmas shows on vhs from when i was a kid... i had doug, rugrats, the flinstones, all the claymations, frosty, and of course christmas eve on sesame street (my family's tradition). why can't i just buy some of them on dvd, you ask? they were all recorded from tv and the best part was watching the old commercials every year! i really wish i could/ want to convert them all to dvds if they aren't too damaged to do so. that would be an amazing christmas present to myself in the future.


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