Tuesday, December 20, 2011


baby meg-meg as i was called as child
this summer, with mike, on one of our many adventures

I was tagged by Adria

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11 things about me:
1. I want a tattoo more than anything, but I feel like it has to be meaningful, and I can’t think of anything in my life that carries enough meaning.  I fear I will be too old to get one when I finally decide what I want.

2. I wish I was a better golfer (like scratch) but I really don’t have the drive to do that.  I get frustrated too easily and when I go out like once every couple of weeks I just expect I will magically improve.

3. Christmas is my favorite holiday ever.  I started shopping this year around Halloween.  I love having a real job this year for the first time and getting to buy people real presents; I absolutely love shopping for other people. 

4. I wish my hair could grow super fast. Some days I want super short cute hair like Olivia on SVU (season 11) and other days I want ridiculously long hair like any of the girls in PLL.

5. I live in a frat house… and love it. But I guess that isn’t a huge surprise because I went to a nanny from ages 1-5 with 4 boys, was on an all boys golf team in high school, and had all male friends in high school.

6. I think if I wasn’t forced to decide on a major at the end of my sophomore year I would still be in college without a major.

7. I like going to bed early. I know this doesn’t make sense with regards to the statement two above this, but I can literally sleep through ANYTHING. One time I fell asleep in the middle of our kitchen, lying on the floor.

8. I am very short, 5 feet to be exact, but I have never really minded it. I guess in some ways it sets me apart from other people.  I am always the shortest golfer in any event, but can hit it almost as far as any competition, and my parents used to joke when I swam that they could always find me on the starting block because I was so short.

9. I have studied abroad twice. Two summers: one to Luxembourg and the other to Paris.  I wouldn’t give up those opportunities for the world and would love to go back to Europe someday (hopefully sooner rather than later).

10. I would love to take a photography class and spend more money on my camera.  I love taking photos and would enjoy doing more with photography.  I love the great artwork, presents, and memories photographs make and create. 

11. I am running in my first half marathon in two and a half weeks in Disney World and am sooo nervous.  It’s a bit hard to train when I get home every night in 35 degree weather and darkness. 

Questions from Adria:

1. What is your favorite Christmas song and why?
Snoopy’s Christmas – just reminds me of being little and my dad loves it.

2. Who do you know in person that you look up to the most?
Anyone who truly knows what they want to do with their life and have the passion to do it; sometimes I just feel like I am in job limbo.

3. If you have kids, did you plan for them? If you don't, do you want kids?
I do not have kids, but probably by the time I’m like 30.

4. What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?
I don’t remember a lot of my dreams, but when I was in college I always used to wake up with those falling off a cliff/ out of bed dreams… stress much?

5. If a movie was written about your life, who would you want as the director?
Ron Howard? I don’t know I just think he is a cool guy.

6. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A veterinarian… then I saw blood.

7. What is your favorite store?
Dollar Tree! (guilty pleasure) But really Target or Forever 21.  Oh, and IKEA! I want my entire next house to be from IKEA!

8. If you could tell your 16 year old self one thing, what would it be?
Nothing, because I wouldn’t want anything to end up differently than it is now. But if everything would stay the same I would tell myself to not be afraid to travel far away for college.

9. What are your long term goals - say, five years from now?
I would like to be living (or have tried living) somewhere warm (South Carolina, Florida, Arizona), be married, and still working in the golf industry.

10. Is there any movie or song that makes you cry?
Oh my gosh where to start: almost every Disney movie ever – Bambi, The Lion King, The Fox and The Hound, UP!, the worst though was Toy Story 3. 

11. Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
To go to a job I enjoy and also anticipate coming home to a loving boyfriend and friends who make me laugh on a nightly basis.

My questions:
1. What is your favorite Christmas/holiday tradition?
2. What is your favorite food to cook/ bake?
3. What is one thing about your life that you wish you could change?
4. If you could do any job, what would it be? Why?
5. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
6. Who is one person you wish you could meet?
7. Where is one place you would like to travel?
8. Who is one person from your past that you wish you were still friends with? Why?
9. What was the most influential event in your life? Why?
10. Why do you blog/ spend time on the computer?
11. Where are you from?

So I do not really know who to tag, but if you read this, go ahead and reply! I just looked at my traffic and it seems like there are a few people from Russia, Germany, and Canada, among others, so that is why I put the last question.  


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