Wednesday, November 7, 2012

pumpkin swap reveal

this was my first ever swap!  "it's the great pumpkin swap" was a ton of fun and it was cool to learn that my partner, amanda, lived less than an hour from me!  what a small world, right?

i know this is a little early [since the linkup won't be until friday], but i wasn't sure how much i will want to blog after my wisdom teeth surgery tomorrow.

pumpkin (of course!), M mug, mulling spices, fall sprinkles for baking, candy corn, peanut butter mms, fall candle, and hot cocoa! amanda really spoiled me.

i absolutely love everything!  i just finished eating all the candy corn [because i obviously won't be able tomorrow] and am enjoying a mint hot cocoa right now in that beautiful mug.  i came home early from work today because of nor'easter athena so a warm drink and sweats have been perfect!
kitty's been relaxing too!

here is the pretty card amanda sent me:

i know amanda will post what i gave her, but here is a little teaser of everything i sent.  make sure you go check out her blog!

all i know is that i'm definitely looking for another [possibly holiday or santa] swap to participate in soon - this was so much fun!  i would even love to host or co-host my own swap someday!  

thank you to kristin and allie for putting this fantastic one together.   


Jen said...

I love what you got and what you sent her! :)

Patty said...

How fun!

ChatterBlossom said...

Sounds fun! And so crazy that she is so close to you!

Anonymous said...

You got an awesome haul girl, that mug is so cute! And I love what you sent her-- I can't wait to see it in detail tomorrow! Good luck with your wisdom tooth surgery, I'll be sure we include you in the linkup! xo

Amanda said...

I would have wanted to be one of your partners. Seriously, you both spoiled each other!!!

Meg said...

Thanks so much, Allie! Any chance of another upcoming swap, pleaseeee? I'd be more than willing to help!

Meg said...

It was so much fun to shop for! You should join in on one!

Anonymous said...

you got such great stuff:)
love that coffee mug!

Jess said...

you got some great goodies! I love that mug ... I keep buying more mugs, but I dont' really need them. lol

I love that the pictures on your sidebar have a title from a Beatles song. :)

Amanda said...

I loved my package Meg :) :) Thanks for being my buddy. My feet are nice and snuggly now in my socks and I'm sipping my apple cider because I finally photographed it all and posted it :)
Hope you're feeling better!

E said...

Great goodies you got! I had fun with this swap, too! I love when the swaps are seasonally themed =)
Hopping over from the link-up reveal!
Have a great weekend,

Kristin said...

Thanks for joining in Meg!
It appears that owls were the theme this fall....

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