Thursday, April 4, 2013

BH: Stolen - A Pretty Awesome Guest Post: Cookies by Mike

Get it my Borrowed Heaven got stolen?  Oh I'm so witty!! Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime gem!

Hi everyone, Mike here! Since Meghan is busy at "work" (see: golf) in Las Vegas, she asked me to fill in for her today.  And, since I am assuming you aren't interested in hearing me complain and be jealous of her amazing job, I'll write about my new favorite recipe instead!

These are some amazing chocolate chip cookies that I found on a Facebook link a friend posted. Don't they look delicious?? While mine did not turn out looking quite like this, the image just called to me: I had to attempt them at once!  (You can find the whole recipe by clicking here or on the first photo.)

I was so excited while reading the recipe, because it actually looked like something that I could handle...until the end where it tells you that the batter needs to be refrigerated for at least 24 hours :/ Well, that made the decision for me; we couldn't wait, we needed to go shopping that night to get ingredients so that we could at least have these cookies by the next night!

We had some trouble at the store, because apparently finding cake flour and bread flour isn't as easy as it sounds. It turned out that we were able to find both, though we had no choice in brands, so we used the Pillsbury Softasilk cake flour and King Arthur bread flour. We had the same problem with the chocolate chips, as the very specific brand in the recipe were not available. We decided to go with what we both know best: Ghirardelli (we fell in love with the Ghirardell ice cream shop in San Francisco a few summers ago). We bought a single semisweet 4oz baking bar and both semisweet and bittersweet chips, and used a total of roughly 10oz of each. The combination was perfect.

As hard as it was to resist the urge, we followed the directions and covered and refrigerated the batter rather than baking them right away (but not until Meg had eaten her fair share of raw batter, naturally).

The next night, we took the batter back out, let it thaw, and baked about half of them. I am so glad that I was too tired to stay up and bake the rest of them that night; it turned out to be the best accident of the whole process.

We decided that 12 minutes was the perfect amount of time to bake, but that we could not take them off the cookie sheet until they had cooled a bit, or they were still a bit too soggy and fell through the cooling rack. The first batch ended up tasting good, but not much better than our typical Toll House standby recipe. The biggest difference was that they were just as delicious the next day!

We baked the rest of the cookies on the third night (after 72 hours of refrigeration.) This batch was truly amazing! It turns out that it was worth the wait. I don't think I'll use this recipe often, as I usually only bake when I have a craving and want to eat whatever I make that night. However, if I am ever planning on baking a few days in advance for something, the recipe is definitely the way to go!

Love using her iPad for recipes.
I think we need a sifter... this colander and whisk just isn't cutting it.
The chocolate was delicious.
Awesome cookie jar Meg found at Ikea.


Heather @ From Here to There said...

I love that Mike guest posted on your blog!! The cookies look delightful! And omg... I love IKEA! What a great cookie jar! haha and nice sifter! I need to get a tablet for easy recipe finding like that in the kitchen, and also for workouts and magazines!

Anonymous said...

seriously this made me SO hungry.
SOOO hungry.

Anonymous said...

These cookies look so good! I love ghirardelli chocolate! Good find Mike! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post Mike! Those cookies look amazing!

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