Wednesday, April 3, 2013

OHP & Vegas, Baby!

See ya, Connecticut!  I'm up and at 'em to head to Las Vegas for a coaches' training.  I'm going out for Level III Training to learn how to be a better coach to teach awesome kids like these who I taught last week in physical education classes during their school days:

Two years ago, I did Level I Training in the Bronx, NY [it was actually the weekend I started my blog!] and last year I was in Phoenix for Level II.  Training are so much because not only do I get to meet coaches from all over the country, but we also get to meet the kids for the host location, too!

While I'm gone, I have a few fun guest posts for you... you definitely should check them out. And of course, I will be checking in!

Now for OHP with Michelle and linking up with the ladies for the Walkabout.  Here is where I will be going at the end of this week to play golf once training is over - TPC Summerlin...
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And here's what I really do.  My job is not just golf, it's Nine Core Values used to teach kids to become great people.  We teach Courtesy, Responsibility, Judgment, Respect, Sportsmanship, Honesty,

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 and Confidence.
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 I know I've plugged this before, but if you know a kid ages 5-18 almost anywhere in the U.S., check out this website to find a chapter near you!! Lessons are very affordable! 


Kristina said...

Have a safe trip! Have fun!!!!

Nichole @ said...

Have a great time in Vegas! I was just there in January.Your job sounds very rewarding :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the way you tied everything together in this post! Nice job, Meg!
That course looks beautiful! Travel safe! Can't wait till you get back and we have our blate!

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I'll miss you around the blog while you're gone, but I look forward to seeing who all you have here to guest post for you! If you ever need a guest blogger, I'd be happy to do one too! In fact, I've been meaning to contact you about swapping blogs one of these days, we'll talk about it when you're back in town! :) Have a fun and safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!

Jamie said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Jen said...

Have fun!! That course is really close to my in-laws house. :)

Kelly said...

That course looks amazing! Have a great time in Vegas!

Angi said...

Ah have a great time!!! What a beautiful golf course...and I don't even like golf! ;)

Rebecca and Lori said...

I'm leaving for Vegas Friday. Have fun at your training, and I love how you incorporated your pins into your post!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a safe trip! Sounds like so much fun! :) Good luck with all the training!

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