Monday, July 15, 2013

Music Monday: Summer Camp Jams

Happy Monday, friends! After yesterday's Sunday Social, I got to thinking about all the other music I've been listening to lately.  Each summer for summer camp, I have my certain jams that I rock to on the way to work [as you can imagine, I have to be pretty peppy pretty early] and while I'm setting up the day's activities. Well, I survived one week of summer camp, so I guess these songs are working! 
Sara Bareilles - Brave
My song of the moment.  I LOVE her.  She is so encouraging and real, and this song is all of that!  Oh and Rashida Jones directed the music video - love her too!!

Blurred Lines
Come on, admit it, this song always makes you dance in your car when it comes on.
[However, not gonna lie, that music video kinda ruined it for me a bit.  Robin Thicke, enough hashtags?]

Darius Rucker - Hold On 
[Oh yeah, throwback to confused in-between R&B Hootie]
I'm also loving me some AlrightThis, and OF COURE Wagon Wheel right now!


Kelly said...

I love Darius Rucker, he rocks :)

Kristina said...

Love Blurred Lines and I'm so happy Sara Bareilles has some new music out! I'm also loving The Mowglis this summer!

Jen said...

So many good songs! I'm obsessed with music. :)

Amanda @ Mandaloves Blog said...

I love Brave :)

Unknown said...

I love that Blurred Lines song. I don't think I have found person that doesn't like it!

Lizzy @ Lizzy's Luggage said...

Ah! Wagon Wheel is on my summer jam list too:

Great Post!

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