Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Being a Big Girl: Tuesday Tutorials

Last week, Mike and I decided we needed new email addresses.  He was Nismosx08 (Nissan Motor Sports) from when he had a Nissan when he was 17, and as most of you know, I was Megatronnn27.  While I love my Megatronnn email, I think I've finally outgrown it.  

One of the other reasons for my new email address, besides having my 25th birthday, is for work.  I forward all of my work emails to my personal Gmail so I can work from home whenever.  Gmail is great, and I created a "send as" option, so it looks like I'm sending from my work email when I'm really sending from my personal email.  But here's the downfall, if the receiver of the email has Outlook, even if I click "send as," this is what the email looks like when they reply: 
Ooooo, awkward.  The first time I realized the Outlook issue was when my boss yelled out from his office, "who's megatron?!?" I shrunk in a chair a bit...

What this issue turned into was me constantly having two email accounts open at once when I was at work, AND having to wait until I was at work to reply to emails [since, on my phone, emails came from Megatronnn].  I always feared that the parent/board member/staff member I was emailing might use Outlook and I didn't want to look unprofessional.

I thought it would be great to condense the two emails and primarily use my Big Girl email, but I had two hesitations: 1. I have an Android phone and all of my contacts are synched to my Megatronnn email.  A while back, I had my numbers saved my phone, but when my phone broke, I lost everything.  After that, I started saving them to my email, so if I ever broke or lost my phone, at least I would always have my contacts.  2. My blog profile is centered around Megatronnn.  I didn't want to lose the blogs I read [yes, I still use the dashboard to read blogs], nor did I have any idea how to log in with my other email. 

Well my friends, I found solutions to both of those problems [almost] and am now a big girl!  FYI: these will also work if you are interested in creating a blog-only email.  Here's how I did it:

Problem 1: How To Switch Your Gmail Contacts to a New Gmail Account

1. Log into your Gmail account
2. In the top left-hand corner, click on "Gmail" under Google and select "Contacts."
3. On the top tool bar, click on "More" and scroll down to "Export:"

4. Choose the group you want to export, select "Google CSV" as the download type, and click export:  

5. Open up your new email and go into "Contacts" the same way you did with your old email address.
6. On the top tool bar, click on "More" and scroll down to "Import:"

7. Select the document from your downloads and click "Open:"

8. Ta-Dah!

Problem Number 2: How To Add a New Email Address as an Admin To a Blog:

1. Open the Blogger homepage.
2. Click on your blog's name at the top of the page.
3. Click on "Settings" in the left-hand column.
4. Under "Permissions," add your new email address as an Admin.
5. Go into your new email address and accept your own request!

I would say I'm pretty impressed with myself [and Mike for helping me].  

Disclaimer: yes, there is a Problem Number 3: moving all the blogs I follow from one Blogger account to another.  I could not figure out how to do it, unfortunately.  Instead, I spent a good half hour, with two accounts open, clicking on the blog, copying the URL address, and adding it to the new Dashboard.  That's, my friends, why you might have noticed a new follow from me.  Yes, I was following you before, but now I am twice.  Lucky me, right??

I hope these tutorials will help someone else become a Big Girl [or Boy] like me!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted this because it's been something I've been wanting to switch for awhile now. Thanks lady!

And So I Did said...

That's so funny! I keep trying to get Jake to get a Big Boy email address, but he JUST WON'T DO IT! Hahah!

Jen said...

Ohhh thanks for the tips! :)

Rgord said...

Ahh thansk for help! Been trying to use my blog email

Gyps said...

I love Gmail! I can never say enough good things about it. In the past I've set my personal account to import my work emails so I could just check one account but now I have three separate: personal, blog, and school. Now that Gmail makes an actual app it's easy to check all three accounts on my phone without having to re-enter my passwords for each. I'm pretty sure this makes me sound like I work for Google or something.

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