Thursday, October 3, 2013

THE Quarter Century Birthday!

I am a birthday b!#*h.  I seriously love birthdays.  Mot just my own, I swear, I love celebrating ALL birthdays.  Choosing the theme/location for my birthday party and making the invite list growing up were always the highlights of the year.
My third birthday was Bambi

IF YOU DIDN'T GUESS YET, TODAY IS MY 25TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!  The celebrating started early on Tuesday when my coworkers surprised me at our charity event with a cake, and 150 of our donors sang "Happy Birthday" to me!

Check out that amazing ocean view from the clubhouse!

Last night, Mike made me dinner and tonight my parents are coming up to take us out.  Tomorrow there will be drinks with friends and Saturday is my college's homecoming!!!

This is the fourth birthday I've spent with Mike, which is really fun!  He is amazing and always plans the most exciting things for my bday.  

Well, to be honest, it's the fifth birthday... but for my 21st birthday, he was just my roommate's brother and this is the only photo I have of "us" from my party haha.
You can see me turned around in the pink party hat and and him on the right getting another drink... hah

Here are a few photos from REAL birthdays past...
[Oh and this is the third birthday I've been blogging, so click on the number to see my post from this day, that year!]


Alright, so story behind the following three photos.  This August wasn't the first time Mike "proposed."  For my 23rd birthday, he bought me an iPod Nano and somehow thought it would be hysterical to get down on one knee WHEN I WAS TRASHED and ask me, "Will you iPod me???" Yeah, that happened...


What's also fun about this birthday is 25 was the first birthday I spent with Mike.  
Well, to be honest [sounds familiar, right?], he and I had our first conversation on his 24th birthday, but we didn't start dating for another month or so.  

It was my first ever cake decorating, too!


Kristina said...


Suzy said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you have some wonderful memories from past ones! Hope the big 2-5 lives up to it!!

Purrincup said...

Happy birthday Meg! Hope you have a good one~

Angi said...

Happy birthday Meg!!

Amanda @ Mandaloves Blog said...

Happy Birthday Darling!
Mike and the ipod thing is HYSTERICAL! I love him!

Jen said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy 25th Birthday Meg!!! Hope it's as wonderful as you are!!! :D

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! (that ipod story is mean!)

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