Monday, January 20, 2014

Our "No Plans" Weekend

Rarely, and I mean rarely does this ever happen.  Mike and I looked at each other in shock on Thursday evening when we realized we had nothing to do this weekend.  Usually, our weekends look like this filled with family fun or this with a mini vacation or even this with friends and food - and all of these were within just the last month.  I was thinking it would just be a weekend of relaxation and staring at each other, but boy, was I wrong! 

Okay, so I had one plan before the weekend began: Amanda and I had a date on Friday night.  It was amazing and so us.  We went to a great little panini place, did laps around Target for a couple hours, and enjoyed ice cream at Friendly's, a fantastic New England parlor.
We ate in a cute little corner of the restaurant with the fire place /// we did tons of shopping, especially for our Sweetheart Swap partners Nikki and Julie!! /// ice cream sundaes at Friendly's

Saturday, we slept in and went to brunch at IHOP.  While watching tv on Friday night, Mike saw an IHOP commercial and thought it'd be fun.  All you can eat pancakes!!! After brunch, I ordered my bridesmaid dress for my friend Liz's wedding in June.  LUCKILY, it's not this color, but "Horizon," a pretty royal blue.  She is also one of my bridesmaids and I sent her this photo because when she tried on dresses for my wedding, all they had in her size was this color and she looked just as pale as me!  We spent our evening at my office, on the golf simulator, playing golf and eating Papa John's.  The night ended at our basement bar, watching UConn basketball, drinking Cran-brrr-itas [as you might have seen Ruxin enjoying on Instagram, too], and playing cribbage.

Sunday, we relaxed all day.  We watched Les Mis, stuffed "Save the Dates," and made buffalo chicken dip for the AFC and NFC championship games!  Can't wait for the Super Bowl [and our Super Bowl party] in two weeks!
Obviously, cat tails made their way into every part of the day...

So, as you can see, even when we have "nothing" to do, we somehow find ways to occupy our days.  Did you have a good weekend?

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Unknown said...

What a fun weekend! It is such a blessing when there aren't any plans on the calendar!

Nikki said...

Ohhhhh I did some swap shopping this weekend too! Great minds think alike!

Nichole @ said...

I love weekend without set plans...they feel like a treat! Have a great week, chickie!

Meagan said...

Your no plan weekend sounds like it was awesome! You have a gold simulator in your office? Woah.

Eva Marie Taylor said...

Cohosting #fundaymonday and wanted to stop by! Looks like you had a fun weekend. IHOP is my favey-fav...and cran-brrr-itas...yes please! I haven't seen Les Mis yet but heard it's great.
Eva @

VITA Train for Life said...

Isn't it funny how those weekends turn into nothing but plans? Those Cran-brr-ritas look delish!! Too bad the Pats didn't win but now I won't be so focused on the actual game on Superbowl Sunday since I don't really care who wins…I can just enjoy the party!
Also glad I made it in time to enter to win the Lululemon GC - bonus!!

AiringMyLaundry said...

That sounds fantastic. I love IHOP. And sundaes!

Unknown said...

lol I was gunna say... this is "nothing"?! Relaxing weekends can be nice... time to catch your breath. Excited for the Super Bowl here in NYC!

Thanks for linking up :)

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