Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bliss {February Edition}

What's your Bliss? What are you loving this month that you just can't live without?

Join Heather and me for Bliss! On the last Wednesday of each month, we'll host a fun new link up to share your "favorites" of the month. Not sure what to write about? It can be anything from a favorite product, to a favorite moment, or a favorite new blogger, to even a new favorite quote! Include as few or as many "favorites" and don't forget to take photos!

Ask yourself, did it bring you #bloggerbliss this month? If you said yes, then we want to read about it!

Don't have time to write a whole post or don't have a blog and are just a blogger at heart? Hashtag a photo #bloggerbliss on Instagram and simply link to that photo on the day of the link up!  Our hope is that Bliss and #bloggerbliss will help ladies across the country find new and fun ways to make their next month even better!

Now, here's what brought me Bliss throughout February:

Zoya Nail Polish: This is the second year I've participated in Zoya's winter free polish event.  Last year I just loved my 3 polishes, so I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get another 3.  While I enjoy them all, I'd have to say Adina is one of my favorite nail polishes I've ever owned!

Apparently my cats like Zoya, too... below is last year:

Zoya in: Shay, Goldie [seen here in with #DisneySide nails - more about that, click here], and Adina

Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives: I could seriously watch that show ALL DAY.  I think the reason I like it is that most of the food is "my kind" of food... aka everything bad for you.  I love Food Network all together, but there's just something about Guy's craziness that gets me every time. 

Yankee Candle: Mike and I have a candle problem.  It's legit.  The biggest decision of our night is which candle to pull off the shelf to burn.  We have about 8 or 9 on display right now, but the scents are always switching in and out depending on the season.  We also just redid our built-ins with tons of family photos [I'm equally obsessed with candles and photos] so they're a little more grown up than they were previously with our Nerf shelves... so I love having a place to display our candles.  

Top to bottom: Spiced Orange, a random IKEA candle [also great buys!!], Cranberry Orange, and Waikiki Melon

Clementines: My life isn't all unhealthy food, I swear.  Recently I've been loving clementines.  I buy a box a week and keep them behind my desk.  My coworkers are constantly bringing in TONS of sweets, so instead of eating a few Girl Scout cookies or a couple squares of Ghiradelli chocolate, I usually eat like 3-4 clementines a day.  Plus, helloooo Vitamin C boost to fight off the germs from all those kids I see everyday!  At least it's a bit better, right?

My #DisneySide Giveaway: Congratulations to Rebecca, Julie, and Brenda who won my post-#DisneySide party giveaway!! Thank you to the 30+ people who entered!


Adria said...

I don't intend to sound uppity or rude in any way... but 3-4 clementines a day has a sugar equivalent of drinking over a can of coke every day. :/

Rebecca Jo said...

Right now, I'm addicted to chocolate covered raisins... I need to break the addiction!

Julie said...

I have friends who took a US trip and hit up many of the Diners places. Sounds like a fun thing to do...just requires time!

Jen said...

I love clementines they are sooo good!

Carly said...

I love zoya nail polishes! Shay looks like such a gorgeous neutral! And I get sucked into almost anything on the food network- or similar shows so easily! The problem is, they make me so hungry!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

That pale pink color is really pretty. I love DD&D, and basically all the shows on the Food Network. So much creative cooking.

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I love Diners Drive Ins and Dives!! Anytime I go to a new city, I want to look up a place I should go from the show! lol Lovely nail polish!! I'd say our first month was a success, hopefully it'll grow! :)

Patty said...

We are obsessed with clementines!! And I love love love love love yankee candles too :D

VivianBishopxo said...

What a good idea to keep the clementine's behind your desk! I am obsessed with zoya as well!

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