Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kitchen Mix Up #5: Open the Basket [With some changes!!]

Welcome to the fifth Kitchen Mix Up!


We have some exciting changes planned for our little link up!  While we really enjoy being creative in the kitchen each month, we know how busy you all are and how hard it can be to find time to blog never mind the additional time needed to think up and create a crazy, original recipe.  

So here's what we dreamed up: we still want to see original recipes, but now, each month's link up will be centered around a specific topic or general theme.  You can link up a past blog post or maybe "KMU" will give you the push to post a recipe you've been neglecting.  Without further adieu, here is what we want you to "Mix-Up" for February:

Yum! Valentine's Day to us means sweet treats and love [notice the order there...].  Do you have a favorite recipe you bake around Valentine's Day, or maybe it's just something the color red!  Join us back here on Tuesday, February 25th to show us what screams "Valentine's Day" to you!

Do you have ideas for future themes?  Send them our way!  Even if you might not want to participate yourself, definitely comment or email us with what you'd like to see us feature!

The Guidelines:
- "Open The Basket" on the first Tuesday of the month to see your theme and sign up.  
- Cook/Bake/Fry/Grill an original recipe related to the theme and be creative!
- Link up with our "Tasting" on the last Tuesday of the month with your recipe and/or photos of your creation.
- Use our button if you wish!



Alex said...

Every time I see these posts I wish I could participate! So, creative :)

- Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I will NOT be a terrible blog friend this month. I will NOT lie about participating. I will NOT make up any excuses. I WILL be making a Valentine's sweet and you WILL see me link-up! That is the truth. btw, I'm sorry for all the lies I told because I never even got around to making the dish I wanted too... I'm hoping "good intentions" will hold up in this case, but I promise, I will not let you down this time!!! :)

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