Friday, March 28, 2014

Because mid-week dates are the best

...especially when they last for 14 hours!

Who doesn't like spontaneity?  Oh, we love it.  So when we were watching the UConn Women's March Madness First Round game on Sunday and were sad to see how little Gampel Pavilion was filled, we decided to grab tickets and go to Round Two!  How often is an NCAA Regional  tourney in our backyard?  Well, we kept adding things to our date and it became legen - waitforit - dary. [Alright, who else besides me and Mike is going to ball their eyes out with the end of HIMYM on Monday?!]

Here's the rundown:

1. Drive out to UConn.

2. Pick up DP Dough: the best calzones ever.  Barbecue chicken for him and bacon-chicken-ranch for her.

3. Watch the UConn Women kill it against St. Joe's.  Oh, and eat some awesome Dairy Bar ice cream.
Great seats - so close to the bench! Thanks, Mike!

4. Drive home and watch Revenge, Full House, and 24.
Roxy's best Jack Bauer impression

5. Wake up early and drive to Taco Bell for their exclusive Breakfast Club preview - thanks for scoring that, Mike!

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Jessica said...

Taco Bell has breakfast?? I had no idea!

Carly said...

That picture of your cat is way too cute! Also, those calzones look soo good! I haven't had one in forever, but definitely sound like something I need to have soon! I hope you have a great weekend Meg!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Okay and now i am really hungry! Those calzones look huge! Glad you had a great date!

Purrincup said...

Nothing like a date mid-week to make it less gloomy! Happy Friday!

Jen said...

How fun!!! Mid week dates are pretty awesome!

Angi Solle said...

OMG DP Dough...sigh! I miss that stuff so much from college!

Unknown said...

sounds fun! we're watching UCONN tonight at 7!

Lisa C said...

Umm, I've cried during the last three or four episodes of HIMYM. No shame. And a DP Dough opened in downtown Blacksburg my senior year. Amazing drunk food.

Heather @ From Here to There said...

You just killed me with your words.... ENDS MONDAY!!????? what?????? We aren't completely caught up, but I'm certain my life is about to be over. end of story. bleh.....

Mindy said...

I like how you snuck that you watched Full House in between two much more serious shows. =)

And are all Taco Bell's serving breakfast?

Angela King said...

yay! I know Lisa would love to see a March Madness game. So much fun. Those calzones look heavenly! And I can't wait for HIMYM tonight. I too will be balling like a baby.

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