Friday, March 21, 2014

High Five for cute babies!

Hooray, we made it to Friday! Mike and I are in for a low-key weekend, and we are so excited just to spend time together.  Here's what I'm high-fiving this week:

1. St. Paddy's Day: I'm half Northern Irish, but I still celebrate with the best of those "real" Irish folk.  It's also March Madness season, and for the past 3 years, Mike's been all about the Irish Car Bombs to cheer on his UConn Huskies.  Oh, and I'm a really bad Italian girl because I definitely [along with every other Irish/Italian person out there] don't celebrate St. Joseph's Day as well as St. Patrick's.
his and hers [and hers] drinks for the AAC championship
I might have come home at 2:30 after work on St. Paddy's and made myself a drink.  Alright, so it didn't turn out green, but I did use green ingredients, so look for the recipe next week in my and Amanda's Kitchen Mix Up tasting!  Come on, you had to make something green this month, so link up with us!!


2. Babies: Just look at these faces - holy cuteness!  My cousin's twins Sofia and Ava are 10 weeks now and I am in love!  Mike and I visited them last weekend and loved every minute of it.

Miss Ava

and Sofia

3. Ring Bearer: And, of course, I got to hang out with the girls' big brother and our ring bearer, Sammy!  He discovered my phone and was loving the selfies!

4. Bliss: The second month of Heather and my Bliss linkup is coming up on Wednesday!  Thanks to all of you who made our first month a success; we hope you'll all return to share some of your favorites again this month.  This week's #bloggerbliss was putting out my Easter decorations!  I love the spring colors, and I'm hoping the weather takes the hint that it's finally spring!!

5. Giveaway: Did you see that I'm hosting a Gorton's Seafood giveaway this week?  We had more Gorton's last night in the form of butterfly shrimp - yum!

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Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

This post makes my heart happy!! Loving those sweet babies, and the smiles they brought to your faces!! Glad you enjoyed time with family this week! Your Easter decor is so cute - YAY, SPRING!! Have a lovely weekend, sweet bloggy friend! xo

Lisa C said...

I love the cat investigating the Bailey's bottle.

Jill Flinton said...

Those butterfly shrimp look great! I will have to go look for them.

Jen said...

Adorable kiddos!!! :) have an amazing weekend!

Rebecca Jo said...

Twins... double the fun! Double the spit up!

Julie said...

Are those paint swatches cut into easter eggs? I love that, I may have to do that!!

Jessica said...

Ohhh, thank you for reminding me about Bliss next week! I had already forgotten. Better start gathering my faves. :)

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

My best friends are twins so I am biased but what cuties!!

Angi Solle said...

Ummm hello cute babies! So adorable!

Unknown said...

So cute babies!

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