Friday, March 7, 2014

When winter keeps dragging...

There's nothing all that exciting going on in my life right now, and because we're STILL somehow in the dead of winter [we still have at least 10 inches of snow outside], Mike and I have really just been in need of something to do.  Now that the Olympics have been over for a couple weeks [The night after it was over, we looked at each other in disbelief, trying to remember what we did with ourselves during the evenings before it began.], we've had to find new ways to occupy our weeknight time.  Here are the little ways we've done it: 

1. We rearranged our living room.  We got an elliptical around Christmas, and it's just been in the middle of our living room.  Well, we found a way that we can have it off to the side and see the tv while we use it - priorities.  Top is after and bottom is before.
Remember our engagement photos?  Well, I saw a great deal on Groupon for custom canvases, so I made one of our favorite photos into a great piece of art to hang in our re-designed living room.

2. Alpha!  A couple of weeks ago, Mike came home from work and told me he had a surprise!  A couple of months ago, the last of our survivor fish died, and we gave up on our aquarium.  So, he bought me a Betta to keep in our kitchen!!  Later that night we were thinking of names and without missing at beat, at the same time, we said outloud: Alpha!  Yes, Alpha the Betta.  We're nerds.

RIP little buddies... you lasted 3 years and through two full weeks without power or heat in crazy winter storms!

3. Roxy and Shadow:  Shadow's been with us for 4 months and she is the sweetest cat.  ...except when it comes to her big sister.  They don't compete for food or attention, in fact, they're great at eating together and being pet at the same time, but when Shadow is bored, she just walks up to Ruxin and hisses at her.  Rox has learned to deal [and just looks at her like she's crazy], and now they're even getting closer and closer to hanging out together!  We love both of our girls!

This one was hysterical, Shadow has NO IDEA Roxy was there!

Sharing Big Girl's cat tree

4. Well, I'm officially a Connecticut resident!  License, plates, and all.

This is the before, with my old plates.  I took off almost all the bumper stickers and will share the "after" once I put all the new ones on!

5. Exercising and shit: I gave up Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks for Lent, but also decided to try and exercise a little everyday.  A couple days per week we swim, we golf at least another day, so I try and use the elliptical for a 5k on those left out days.

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Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Love that the kitties are getting along! Good idea for putting the elliptical in the living room. I feel like i need to move mine so I use it more.

Carly said...

Love the engagement print! Such a good idea to get a canvas-- and a bonus if you got it through groupon! Love all the animal pictures as well :) I've been wanting to get a fish but I always have terrible luck keeping them alive! Have a great weekend!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

No DD? You go girl!

Love the new living room set up, it works well!

The canvas prints are great.

Jen said...

I wish I could send you some warm weather!!!

Julie said...

Love the beta fish!

We had a blue beta fish that we named Zamboni. My MIL offered to keep it at her house while we went out of town for a week. Keith went to get it after work when we returned and his mom tells him that the fish has been sleeping (no joke). Keith looks at it and says umm Mom, its not sleeping, its dead. He also noticed small bubbles around the rim of the water. Apparently his mom decided the fish needed new water, and put regular tap water in and no chemicals and just dumped the fish in. We never told her to do that, she just did it. Bye bye fishy :/

The Southern Thing said...

For real though, what does one do when it's still way too cold out, snow is everywhere, and all you want is some sun and grass!?

Angi Solle said...

I couldn't be more excited that warm weather seems to be coming soon! If it snows one more time I will lose it! I love what you did with your engagement photos.

Nikki said...

I agree TV or some kind of entertainment is a MUST when on the elliptical! I know I tend to use the ipad and watch tv myself.

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