Thursday, May 22, 2014

#SweatPink Review: Pure LYFT

Have you heard about Fit Approach?  You can learn more here, but basically we are a supportive network of strong women, working together to create healthy lifestyles, all while wearing pretty shoes.  I wear the crap out of my pink laces and love all of the opportunities given by these women.  A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed some fantastic Vega Bars, and this month it's all about natural caffeine and energy with Pure LYFT.  

Here's what my #SweatPink ladies have to say about the product: LYFT Energy Stir Sticks are a cool, new way to get all natural caffeine and stir energy into any beverage you're drinking. The energy is derived from all natural green coffee bean extract and has vitamins A and B complex.  With 0 calories and a clean taste, it's a perfect pre-workout boost, gets you over that 3:00 slump, and is great during happy hour or to keep your energy up while you're painting the town red!  

Since the product claims to have a "clean taste," I thought I'd do a control test, only mixing it with water.  I also decided it would be a great idea to do it the day after my bestie's bachelorette, teaching active 8 and 9 year old outside when I hadn't yet [and didn't plan to] have my daily Starbucks.  

Well, I got my water bottle, drank down a few ounces to get it to the preferred 8 ounces, peeled off the outer coating, and mixed in the stir stick.  It mixed in pretty well, leaving only a few visible white particles.  I had no idea what it would taste like.  The closest taste I can compare it to is that "Propel" water from Gatorade.  It had a slightly sweet taste with that aspartame aftertaste.  The taste was not as obvious as flavored water but it definitely was there.  Even more prevalent [and important] there was the caffeine.  It definitely had the pick-me-up to get through a whole day of lessons on a sunny and warm afternoon.

The second time around, I switched out my pre-workday Starbucks for an orange juice and LYFT.  This time, I could not taste the stir stick at all and felt just under the same energy as an iced Venti black tea. 

There you have it!  I received these products complimentary from the Fit Approach and Pure LYFT for an honest review.  Check out their website to purchase some stir sticks to try for yourself!


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