Monday, June 30, 2014

Splendid Swap Party Reveal: Summertime Favorites

Today's the day of the first Splendid Swap Party reveal!  If you participated in this swap, make sure you add a blog post or Instagram photo to share everything you received from your new bloggy friend!
In case you missed it earlier this monthDannielle, Patty, and I started the Splendid Swap Party for bloggers to meet new friends and swap packages filled with their favorite things.  If you'd like to get involved, our next swap will be this December, around the holiday season.

Borrowed Heaven

I was paired with Kate at Daffodils.  She is a fantastic lady with a wonderful family, and I had so much fun shopping for all of them because I had a chance to include both childhood and adult summertime favorites!  In return, Kate sent me an amazing package full of her favorites.  I was so thrilled with everything [especially for the move]: the candy was eaten within the first 3 hours of the drive, the Burt's Bees was perfectly travel-sized to use without unpacking everything I owned, I enjoyed a wonderful margarita after my first day of work, and the Essie "Rooarrrrrrange" polish matched my second day of work outfit perfectly!  Thanks, Kate!

Here's a sneak preview of what I sent Kate; head to her blog to check everything out!

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Jen said...

I love what you got! Such a fun swap.

Julie said...

Hold up, they make margarita singles to go?!?! Umm I'm headed to the store!! I've also been wanting one of those mason jar cups for awhile but I can't convince myself that we "need" it. Cute swap!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love you sent crayons :) Coloring is the best :)

Kristina said...

I love what you got. Burt's Bees is awesome!!!! How perfect is that polish with your dress!!!! Your basket is great Wiffle ball and The Sandlot FTW!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

How fun! You got great items. The Countrytime lemonade is such a blast from the past of my childhood.

Patty said...

Ohhhh that nail color is lovely!!!! I love Burt's Bees too what an awesome box!

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