Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Best Friend's Wedding

Since the last month has just been insane and I only had a chance to allude to it in last month's Blogger Bliss, I'm so happy to finally get to sit down and write about my best friend, Liz's wedding last month.  She and her husband, Daniel, have an incredible love story!  They met over 5 years ago when she was on vacation in Mexico.  He worked at the resort where they stayed and immediately hit it off as friends.  Over the next year, they became closer and closer and began dating.  The next few years were filled with short visits back to Mexico or to Rhode Island, where she lives.  The most amazing part of their long-distance relationship to me, is that over those years, they talked on Skype every single night.  Last summer, he popped the question, and a few months ago, he moved up to Rhode Island with his dog, Gordo.  

In May, we celebrated her bridal shower and bachelorette party.  On Saturday, June 14, she married the love of her life at a really fun outdoor location near our hometown called The Pavilion.  It was so fun to spend my second to last weekend in the Northeast with her and our friends, celebrating!  

Now, be prepared for a complete photo dump.  It's been a few weeks and I already miss her like crazy, so I just had to share like every single photo of the rehearsal, all the wedding day festivities, and day-after lunch!

 Thanks to her awesome photographer - totally snagged these of his Facebook page!

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Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

That dress is SO PRETTY!! Loved this whole post and all the photos too!
XO Ellen

Jen said...

What a sweet story and you look gorgeous!

Rebecca Jo said...

So fun! :)
That walking down the aisle pic reminds me why I hate aisle runners... they never lay in place.
You all look so beautiful!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Great pics! She looks gorgeous, so do you! Love the color of the maid dresses.

Julie said...

Great pics!

Is he the one who works/worked at Hard Rock Vallarta?

Lisa C said...

What a beautiful wedding! Love your dress.

Amanda @ Mandaloves Blog said...

You're next, you're next, you're next!!!!!!

Jess Loves This Life said...

Her dress is beautiful! I love the choice of the blue for the bridesmaids dresses, it looks stunning on you Meg!

Mary said...

Wow that is quite a beautiful love story - and bride! Congrats to your friend! You look beautiful, too! :)

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