Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday How To: Seating Charts

Guys, we are T-minus 11 days to the wedding.  We are just about wrapping everything up, and from my last wedding list update a few weeks ago, the only things we are still working on are: picking up the marriage license when we get back in a week, wrapping all of the bridal party gifts, finishing up calligraphy for the place cards, assembling the favors, and finishing finding my something old-new-borrowed-blue. 

One thing we Mike completely finished since my last update was the seating chart.  This guy was on his game; even the wedding planner didn't believe he did it all himself!  Using the Post Its was so effective and made it so easy to visualize everything and move people around.

All you need is:
- Poster board
- Something round to draw the tables
- Pen or Sharpie
- Post-it Page Markers or tabs in a different color for each meal choice
- Your master wedding invitation list with meal choices

How To:
1. Start with a table layout map from your reception venue and transfer it onto your poster board.
2. Write each person's name on a Post-it and color code them for each meal.  For example we had: blue for sirloin and shrimp; orange for pumpkin and sage ravioli; pink for gluten free; and green for kids' meals.
3. Start sticking!  Instead of sticking people around a table, we chose to stick dates together horizontally to make sure they moved together.  
4. Double, triple, quadruple count the number of people, meals, and seats at each table before submitting anything!

The finished product!

I was not compensated by Post-it in any way for this post... though I should have been.


Carly said...

One of my old housemates organized her seating chart like this too & I remember it being so helpful for her! We only had 10 or 11 tables so ours wasn't too tricky to just do in an excel sheet.

Rebecca said...

Your fiance sure is on top of things! It's getting so close! I didn't do a seating chart, and I'm so glad! We ended up having 10 people not show up, so that would have been really awkward if we had seating arrangements.

Jen said...

Hahaha I love the post it note comment. :)

Unknown said...

ten days!? that's so exciting!! ;) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Lisa C said...

I agree with Post-It sponsoring seating arrangement posts. We did the same thing just with the colors representing who invited whom. Somehow, it all worked out.

Rebecca Jo said...

I never even thought of a seating chart for our wedding :)
You're on top of it.

Julie said...

I made mine with an excel sheet. Yours is more colorful. Did you have issues making it, like people who couldn't be anywhere near each other? My only issue was that his family is very non social, has no friends and didn't invite any family as they have black sheeped themselves from them. So my issue was putting people at their table so it looked like they weren't loners. I made it work but aye ye ye!

Jessica said...

thats such a great way to do it! i'm glad that it wasn't super hard or complicated for you guys. 11 days, ahh! so exciting :)

Heather @ No Bologna Blog said...

And just like that, I see our names on there and get excited all over again!!! yay!! Mike did a stand-up job on this seating chart, snaps for Mike! See ya soon buddy! :)

Mary said...

Nice! I like the way you laid it all out. We just did ours in an excel doc, but yours makes it easier to understand visually! How exciting you're so so close!!!

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