Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm Gonna Be a #FitWife {#VSSportBra}

When we got home to Charleston from the wedding two weeks ago, I sat on the couch with a beer and snapchatted a selfie to my friends with the caption "Wedding diet over!"  Well, it got me thinking; I did so well for 4 months and lost 10 pounds.  I'm only 5 feet tall, so that 10 pounds made a big difference for me, and I'd love to keep it off and have more energy.  Living in Charleston, I can run outside almost all year and don't have to dress like this.  Plus, when it is cold out, we have a 24 hour fitness center in our clubhouse so I really have no excuses.  

The next morning I checked my mail and the Victoria's Secret Sport VoxBox was waiting for me.  If this wasn't a sign, I don't know what is.  I received a Victoria's Secret Sport Bra and Victoria's Secret crop pants.  

I was going to "strike a pose," but all I kept thinking about was this... lolll
You can watch one of my favorite Goofy sports movies here.  

Alright guys, so: I'm going to do it try.  I'm not looking for weight loss, but a little muscle gain and a few extra yards on my driver might be nice!  And this Victoria's Secret VoxBox will definitely help keep me on the right track - who doesn't love pretty workout clothes?!  The bra is so colorful and the crop pants are great because I'm short so they aren't too long!  I've been wearing both pieces on and off for two weeks now and am very impressed with the quality of the fabrics and how well they wash. 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Jillian said...

yahh! i was super excited to get that bra + capris too! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Kelcie said...

My sister has that bra and absolutely LOVES it!

Traci@TheHallway said...

You go girl!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I got one of those bras & they are super soft & comfy!!!
Love those capri's too! Good luck on being a fit wife!! :)

Julie said...

I'm sooo jealous that everyone keeps getting these VS boxes!!

Jen said...

Woo hoo you go girl! :)

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Who doesn't love cute workout clothes?!?!?! I need to do some shopping because I don't have any workout gear for cold weather, and I have a feeling that a PA winter might just kick my butt! #needtofindagymwithchildcare

Jen said...

What a great VoxBox, and perfect timing. I too am trying to get back into my fitness routine. And cute fitness clothes are a great way to get motivated. I have a couple of pairs of VS crop pants and love them. They are a little on the expensive side, but I have had them for 2 years and they still look pretty decent, even after 2 years of sweatin and then washing. I can't say the same for other less expensive brands.

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

Pretty workout clothes always motivate me! I keep hearing good things about that VS bra and want to check it out!

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