Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stuff And Things

I've been reading Kristin's Stuff and Things posts forever.  I've been meaning to write one myself since she made it a link up months ago, so this week, I finally started a note on my phone and wrote down all the random stuff I thought and things I did throughout the week.  Turns out, there are a lot of them...
+ We started binge watching Breaking Bad and Parks and Rec on Netflix.  We're halfway through season 4 a few episodes into season 5 (see what happens when you start writing posts 3 days in advance?) of Breaking Bad and who knows where we are with Parks and Rec.  Our nightly routine is usually an episode or two of Breaking Bad followed by a Parks and Rec as I fall asleep on the couch.  However, I do know that we're in the point in Parks and Rec where we find the mutual character between the two shows!  Mike is Ben's dad!!!

+ I think our next show will be Portlandia.  Any other suggestions?

+ We made our flight reservations for our Christmas trip back home.  We decided to come back on the 30th to enjoy a New Year's Eve - Charleston style.  Now, local bloggers, what should we do?

+ My cat doesn't understand Daylight Savings Time.  Before the clocks changed, she'd come in every morning around when my alarm went off (7:30).  Now, every single morning, she is there at 6:30 wondering what the heck is up and trying to pet my face to wake me up.  For proof, see below:
I had to pretend to close my eyes or she wouldn't do it...

+ I went shopping for the first time in months recently.  I wore this outfit to work and when Mike asked me about the sweater, I showed him that it's one piece.  He called me a flying squirrel and insisted on taking a picture... probably to send to my dad.  They're close, it's cute.  Anyways, more about it next week for my OOTM.

+ Mike and I bought a giant container of cookie dough at Costco a few weeks ago.  While we both love making cookies, we really only eat them when they're warm, so now we have "cookie time" each night around 9:30.  Don't judge us... we always share an apple or a pear first, I promise.

+ Mike sent me this beauty yesterday.  Yeah, just try not to laugh at these.

+ I had my first bad experience with a swap last month.  She says she mailed it, but I've yet to see it and now she won't return my emails.  Oh well, I still have faith in the blog world.  On top of that, the swap host had a baby and the swap is ending for a while, so there's really no use contacting her.

+ Christmas shopping is DONE.  For everyone.  Yeah, I'm nuts.  My parents are driving down for Thanksgiving, so we are shipping all of our wrapped presents back with them so we don't have to worry about flying them back in December.  I, personally, think it's genius.

+ But don't worry, I'm still in Thanksgiving mode.  How cute is this little guy?  I think he might be my favorite of all my toppers...I have about 10 #Disneygeek.  Christmas and Thanksgiving have always coexisted peacefully in my world.  Christmas music season for my parents starts every year on Veteran's Day, so there's always some overlap there, and Black Friday was always Christmas Tree Day.


Unknown said...

omg that cookie dough looks sooo good! i'd never bake it! i love breaking bad and that's good you watch it with parks and rec -- a little humor is always good when BB is so intense! i am not a portlandia fan...just too weird for me but i know a lot of ppl love it. i am hooked on House of Cards lately! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Emily said...

Done with Christmas shopping?! Um...I'm sending you a virtual high five. I haven't even started, arrggghh.

Kateri Von Steal said...

Cookie time sounds awesome! And warm cookies are the best!

Megan L. said...

I love cookies. A lot. Good job on Christmas planning!!!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

I love that you make 2 cookies every night! It's so adorable. If my husband wants just one, he'll do the cookie in a mug thing. It's cumbersome but it works.

Parks and Rec and Breaking Bad are two of my favorite shows! I'm working through The Shield on Amazon Prime right now. Not sure what my next show will be. If you haven't checked out Sons of Anarchy or The Killing yet, I HIGHLY recommend them.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love the concept of cookie time!

All of my Christmas shopping was done by 10/31. I just have toys for tots left, and those ship unwrapped to MFD's office. Finished the 140+ Christmas cards last night. Holler.

LOLOL @ flying squirrel

Rebecca Jo said...

A Mickey Turkey - love it.
I had to stare & figure out your sweater for a minute. I wasn't sure what was happening there.
I didn't care for Portlandia ... but I was watching it in the middle of the night so nothing is funny then.
Your cat!!! that's so funny!

Kelcie said...

I am beginning to think we may be the same person (or cousins - AT LEAST): I have also finished my Christmas shopping (95%) and am wrapping this weekend. I have no issue with Christmas music beginning about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. I had my first swap fail this month too, ironically on the same swap you did, and I didn't e-mail the host either because I figured it wouldn't do any good with the pause and all. Oh, and I have a dog who does the same thing as your cat. Fun huh. As for TV show suggestions? We love Blacklist and Nashville. Both kinda get out there and can be "heavy" but we enjoy them. Last Man Standing is a good one to fit in with limited time and it is pretty funny and light. So maybe that as an in-betweener!

Angi said...

Yay for finally linking up with Stuff and Things! It's the best day of the week!

YES to Portlandia!! It's one of my absolute favorites. Other than that...we just finished the first season of The 100, which was pretty good if you like sci-fi...not the BEST show ever but it kept us interested and I'm looking forward to season 2!

My cat was a pain in the BUTT the whole week after daylight savings. It's never messed him up before that I can remember but he was up at 5am the entire week, driving me crazy.

COOKIE TIME is the best time.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

OMG the flying squirrel is hilarious! Sorry about the swap partner that is a bummer. Cookie time sounds awesome!

AiringMyLaundry said...

I am so on board with cookie time.

And I love binge watching shows.

Jen said...

I love that you have cookie time, pretty much amazing!

Carly said...

I am so impressed with all of your Christmas shopping- I had such good intentions to get a good start on it this year and I've done hardly anything yet! Love your new sweater! I'm a huge fan of the connected shirts-- so much less effort when getting ready! Sorry about your bad swap experience, it's definitely frustrating!

Andrea H. said...

Breaking Bad is THE best!! Sooo addicting! We started House of Cards after we finished it. We kinda fell off the wagon on it due to the wedding and everything, but want to pick back up soon. And yes...totally genius on the Christmas presents! Totally.

Kristin said...

That's terrible about the swap. I'm sorry!
I recommend Friday Night Lights.
I can't believe your self-control: only TWO cookies? Also, 9:30? We're asleep by that time these days lol.

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