Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Bucket List Check-In

How are we already close to the end of July?  I feel like this summer is flying by, so on this beautiful 100 degree Friday, I thought I'd share my Summer Bucket List mid-season update.  So far, it's been going okay, but I still give myself a couple of months to finish just about everything:

- Attempt to grow Confederate Jasmine: It looks like I might have just missed Confederate Jasmine growing season.  I went to a few nurseries at the middle of June and none had it in stock.  I'm still on the hunt, and if any Charleston peeps have ideas, let me know!

- Build a blanket ladder: Check! I cheated on this one.  I bought a ladder, but at least I have this one now!  I call this one complete.

- Stay active 5 nights each week: So far so good on this one.  Between kickball, tennis, golf, and using our elliptical at home, I've been staying as active as possible.

- Finish our back patio: Still ongoing with this inspiration!  We bought and hung these fun blue accented string lights (only smashed one strand in the process - haha!).  We decided against a rug since it rains sideways under our screen porch in the summer, and I'm still in search for some potted flowers to keep in our beverage cooler when we're not using it.
- Watch the solar eclipse: We bought some eclipse glasses this week and are looking forward to it!
- Try 5 new Charleston restaurants: Somehow I think I'm 0/5 on this one.  We've been hitting up our old reliables recently (Home Team BBQ, Ryder Cup Bar, Burwell's, and the Biergarten), but I need to find some new spots!  My friend Sydney reviewed PawPaw this week, and I need to definitely make a stop here - that cocktail and the mac & cheese: yum!

- Shoot under par: June 24th! I did it. I shot a 68 at my home course, and even had an eagle!

- Read at least 2 books by the pool: I finished Amy Schumer's book and am thinking of getting Talking as Fast as I Can or The Princess Diarist.  Any other comedy suggestions?
- Go berry picking: We will be raspberry picking when we're up in New York later this month!


Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Love our string lights! Solar eclipse! How fun!!

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

let me know how you like the amy shumer book!
XO Ellen from Ask Away

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

You've been doing such a great job on your summer bucket list! Berry picking sounds like so much fun!

Missy said...

My back yard string lights just make the whole thing so nice, I bet your back porch is so cozy! Doing great on the list!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Talking As Fast As I Can is a really good and easy read! I read it in a day when we had a power outage. Ha! And I think I may need a blanket ladder!

Jen said...

I really need to invest in a blanket ladder! We have so many blankets that we keep downstairs and I'm tired of having them on the couch.

kerri @ cheshire kat said...

ugh you're going to ny? yes! ny in the summer is heavenly. i cant wait to see some porch pics - you're really knocking this list out of the park!

xoxo cheshire kat

Anonymous said...

Check for confederate jasmine in Feb / March! Since it blooms in spring / early summer you'll want to get it in the ground and have a little time to grow and get roots before then :)

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