Friday, March 23, 2018

A Guide to Charleston Breweries (Part 4)

Well, that didn't take long!  Less than two months later, I'm back for another installment of Charleston breweries.  Like I've said before, they are popping up all over the place, and with this post, we've officially hit 21 breweries visited!  Right now, there are 28 total either open or in the works, so surely there will be even more beer stops soon.  Here are the previous links to part 1part 2, and part 3.  Let's get drinkin'...

Snafu Brewing Company (Industry Drive, North Charleston): This is the place to go in Charleston for a sour or fruity beer.  Not only do they offer their flagship Snafu-Tang sour in a bunch of flavors like lime and Grape Sucka, they also take their IPA to the next level with tangerine and pineapple variations.  I absolutely love the old school way branding, too.
What to try: Snafu-Tang Sour, Shao-Lime Sour, or Pineapple IPA
Pawley's Island Brewery (Industrial Avenue, North Charleston): We first went to Pawley's on New Year's Eve, and it had the best down-to-Earth vibe.  The owners were there that night, and they are so passionate about what they do.  Don't get me wrong, I love their standard beers, but the holiday offerings they had that night, including Cranberry Sauced and Christmas House IPA were amazing!
What to try: Coquina Pineapple, The Pirate Gentleman Grapefruit Pale Ale, or Riley's Rye Ale
Lo-Fi Brewing (Meeting Street, Charleston): Bright colors, delicious beer, a brewery cat, and a unicorn in their logo.  They got me.  You can try their Mexican Lager almost anywhere in Charleston, but I love heading to their brewery location downtown to try our other favorites.  The first time you drive by, you might miss it, but yes, that's it in a warehouse, next to the towing company.  It's located in a big warehouse, so I suggest a spring or fall visit (when Charleston isn't 90+ degrees).  And did I mention there's a stray brewery cat??  Adorable.  
What to try: Glitter Pony Beligan tripel or Blueberry Wheat
Munkle Brewing Co. (Meeting Street, Charleston): The newest addition to "Charleston's neck," there are now seven breweries in the two-mile stretch between Revelry and Lo-Fi.   They have a really big space, plenty of seats, and even a pool table.  They don't have a very expansive selection of beers yet, but they have a great brand and equipment, so they're well on their way.  If you're looking to something Belgian, this is the place to go!
What to try: Bull Street Blonde or Gully Washer Wit
Commonhouse Aleworks (Park Circle, North Charleston): Last but not least, the newest Charleston brewery.  I'd been looking forward to this opening for a few months, but when it coincided with the Charleston Marathon (meaning they would only be serving out of plastic Solo cups) and our favorite food truck had to cancel, we decided to postpone.  We finally checked it out a couple weeks ago, and the space is amazing.  They did a beautiful job, and we look forward to seeing how they progress with the beers over the next few months.  We will definitely be back in the summer again.
What to try: Pierce the Night American Stout or Barony Whipper Kettle Sour


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What an awesome brewery! We love checking out local brewers when visiting new places AND we've decided to visit in December for my birthday! Would love some tips from you for restaurants etc. but first hotels located in the heart of town! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

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