Friday, August 24, 2018

Dreaming of Flamingos

Does anyone else clean like crazy before they leave for vacation?  Seriously, all I want to do when I walk in the door after a trip is sit down and relax (followed by about 5 loads of laundry).  There is nothing better than coming back to a clean house, except maybe a fun package!  Put those two things together, and you have my perfect day.  
When we got back from our trip to the Northeast last week, there was a pretty little package waiting for me from Sant & Abel!  My awesome friend, Erika, tagged me in a giveaway of theirs earlier this summer, and I have since loved following along with their social media.  Seriously, how cute are these flamingos and palms?!
Now, after a twelve-day trip that took us 1,200 miles and through seven states, I need a vacation from my vacation.  I wish it was a tropical getaway like my pajamas, but give me my comfy bed, a book, and some coffee, and I'm a happy lady! 
Pajama shirt and shorts c/o ||| mug from the Masters ||| bedding ||| sheets ||| pillow (similar) ||| settee


Lauren @ The Pizza Monster Mama said...

Omg I'm in love with those pajamas! I'm definitely asking for them for my birthday!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my word... those are adorable!!!!

Julie said...

Oh my gosh I do too before every trip. Keith thinks I'm crazy but because I know he won't help once home I get it done to lessen my load.

Jen said...

Those pajamas are so fun!!! We are big flamingo fans in our house haha. E is actually wearing pajamas like that right now.

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