Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Fudgie the Adventure

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your sweet words on Monday's post about life lately and writer's block.  I also wanted to say that I apologize for not responding to comments in... forever.  I realized that Google updated some settings, and it should be back working now!

If you follow me on Instagram, I already posted a little about this adventure from our trip up North, but I thought it deserved its own blog post.  So here's the back story: earlier in the summer, one of my fellow Rhode Islanders living in Charleston shared a post on social media with me about a collaboration between Carvel and a brewery in New York, Captain Lawrence.  Who else grew up with Carvel?!  I really thought it was only a Northeast thing (because we don't have any locations in Charleston), but apparently it's everywhere!  Carvel ice cream cakes were a staple of parties when I was little, and Fudgie the Whale is definitely the most well-known character. 

So, when we heard that Fudgie the Beer's final pre-sale was happening in July (the initial cannings sold out immediately!) and that pick-up would be during the week we were up North, I jumped on ordering a 4-pack.  To be 100% honest, stouts aren't my favorite style of beer, but OF COURSE I had to place an order.

Our friends who were the first to get married while we were up here had left their dog with his parents after the wedding.  On the day we decided to pick up our beer, we drove their dog back to New Jersey, and our friends agreed to go on our Fudgie adventure with us!  As a joke, Mike asked where the closest Carvel location was to the brewery.  Laughing (and thinking it would be at least a half hour away), I searched it, and learned that there was one 0.3 miles down the street from the brewery.  He INSISTED that we needed a cake for our beer, and I do not say no to ice cream cake.
So, on our way to the brewery on Friday afternoon, we picked up a Fudgie.  We thought that "Cheers" was the perfect slogan to go on the cake, and we were off!
Fudgie the Beer was just one of a few cans they had for sale that day, and they also had 15+ beers on tap to try, too.  We picked up our cans as well as a few pints to drink on-site.  Captain Lawrence has an awesome outdoor beer garden and a full menu of food.
 We may have broken a little rule by drinking the Fudgie at the brewery (typically cans sold at breweries are for at-home consumption only), but I didn't see an explicit sign saying I couldn't, so we did a taste test of cake alongside the beer.
Like I said, stout is not my favorite, but this was the perfect pairing for the cake.  It's brewed with Carvel chocolate crunchies, fudge, and ice cream, and is a great summer beer at only 6% alcohol (lower than a lot of stouts I've had).  You can definitely taste the cocoa in the beer as well as a roasted finish from the crunchies. 

Besides splitting the beer, we also absolutely housed the Fudgie cake.  The package says that it's made for 6-12 people, but the 4 of us did some serious damage.  We didn't feel like buying plates, so spoons right into the cake it was! 
From there, we headed to a couple more breweries in New York, and I'll be sharing more about those in my summer brewery review next week! 

What's been your most spontaneous adventure this summer??


Missy said...

Haha I love this. I have never heard of fudgie, but the cake and the beer sound amazing! Those silly drink at home rules deserve to be broken!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

so fun! cake is always a good choice!

Jen said...

Haha this is so awesome!!! Both of those sound amazing!

Lauren @ The Pizza Monster Mama said...

I think I would drink more beer if it were paired with cake!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Totally craving an ice cream cake now, and how did I not know they had beer too! Making a point to check it out on our trip up there this fall <3
Green Fashionista

Emma Woodham said...

I love reading about different things that are regionally popular. Fudgie looks so cute! Please keep up the writing! I look at your blog every time a new post comes out, and it's so inspiring for me!

Lisa C said...

Lol, I love it!

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