Friday, September 28, 2018

30th Birthday Wish List

Happy Friday, friends!  My big 3-0 is in less than a week, and since it's such a special one, why not come up with a list of things I'm loving right now!
Gummy bears are the way to my heart, and this Sugarfina birthday set looks so cute!!  I've always wanted to try their champagne gummies, and the birthday cake caramels in the set are calling my name!

Rewined are absolutely my favorite candles, and it's just about time for this one to come back into stock for fall.  For those who don't know, Rewined is based here in Charleston and not only makes candles in old wine bottles but also the scents to match.  This time of year, I love their spiked cider.  I'm linking to one I found in stock online for all of you non-locals, but if you are local, you can shop for them in the City Market or Candlefish (for much cheaper)!

I've been wanting a smart watch forever, and rose gold is my favorite!  I seriously know nothing about these watches, so if anyone has a favorite, please let me know.  I'm looking for something that can do heart rate and track my mileage when running as well as daily steps.  Right now, I am lookingat the Galaxy watch or this Fitbit

Speaking of running, Nike's newest running collection is great.  Everything is so light and comfortable!  I have this bra and this bra already as well as this tank in every color I can find.  Right now on my radar is this sports bra and these comfy jogging pants

I am obsessed with this Holbrook style of sunglasses.  I never like sunglasses that let in peripheral light, and these wrap around just enough to be stylish and comfortable.  This blue and iridium lens combo is awesome!

I need something pretty and rose gold to go with my watch, right?!  I love long pendant necklaces, and I definitely need a new bag.  I make Mike carry around all of  my stuff when we go out. 

Last, but not least, I am obsessed with these sneakers.  I have mint (on sale for $30 right now), gray, and pink.  They wash so easily, but I would also love this blue and maroon, too!


Julie said...

So rose gold is a popular thing? At the game the other night, the lady next to me had her wedding rings rose gold, then her phone case was rose gold and you dont hear much about ppl picking that anymore!

Jen said...

Jogging pants are the best! They are just so darn comfortable.

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