Thursday, September 6, 2018

Fourth Anniversary Gifts: Fruit & Flowers

I can't believe that later this month, Mike and I will have been married for four years.  Seriously, this day seems like just yesterday.  Every year since our first anniversary, we've had fun trying to be creative with the "traditional" wedding gifts.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to check out my ideas for anniversaries one, two, and three!

Now, for year four: fruit and flowers.  Yes, there are the traditional fruit box, fruit arrangement, and floral bouquet ideas, but I tried to think out of the box a little!  Here are my ten ideas for traditional fourth anniversary gift ideas:
1. Fruit wine and a set of wine glasses
2. Fruit socks - how about going for a little fruit-themed gift with these socks to stick with tradition, then going off script for whatever you want?!
3. Pineapple air plants
4. Apple tv - Do you get it?  Hint: the "modern" anniversary gift for year 4 is electronics, so this combines that and fruit - haha!
5. Succulent cat and lavender llama
6. Floral scarf
7. Fruit beer - The cans above are from one of our new top breweries, Hudson Valley, and sour, fruited IPAs are some of my favorite right now!
8. Homemade Jam - Here is my favorite recipe for raspberry jam, and these containers are so cute!
9. Bouquet Artwork - I received this gift a couple of years back of my wedding bouquet, and it's one of my favorite pieces of art in our home!
10. Juicer - Another one that combines the traditional and modern anniversaries, and if I thought I would use a juicer more than once... ever... I would absolutely get one!

And, last but not least, here are the links to my previous years' anniversary gift ideas:


Julie said...

I try to get Keith to do these anniversary traditions but he fails big time. So I do it with my girls night girls instead. They loveit!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love how you look for the traditional gifts every year.
& YES to a juicer - that's a smart way to do it!

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